Please be warned. What you will see on this page is extremely distressing. Do not scroll down further if you do not which to see a slide show of Vučko’s wounds. Please note that he is alive in these pictures.

Below the slide show are two videos, the first shows Vučko being checked by veterinary surgeons. This is a very distressing video! The second is a tribute to him which does not show his wounds.

Vučko, as he might have been
Painting by Rosemary Taylor

Vučko, as he might have been
Image by Victoria Rider Galietta

Please do not scroll further if you do not wish to see distressing images of Vucko.

Vučko, I am sorry to show these photographs of you like this. But perhaps it can help the other suffering animals in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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And now the Videos:

A tribute to Vučko made by Rider4Z.

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Puppy dies after horrific attack in Bosnia Herzegovina

1601086_10202750781791397_5218677706459359689_nThis is the saddest story. On the weekend a puppy was found in Sarajevo, horrifically beaten. People telephoned Edina Pasic of Andjeo Sarajevo to come and help. She was told that the local children had beaten the dog.

1978807_10202750781831398_7562240458887600789_nIn fact, currently there is no proof of who did this vile thing to a defenceless puppy, but there is no question human hands caused the horrific injuries, probably with a bat or stick to the little dog’s face. It’s likely it was not children, but someone who the dog had in fact been placed with for ‘care’ who was ultimately responsible, either directly or indirectly.  If we can get to the bottom of who did the crime we will, but as it is Bosnia, even if charges are pressed, nothing will be done.

It was clear to anyone that the puppy’s jaw was broken and probably the skull fractured. Edina luckily had some liquid Metacam painkiller medication brought over by Miska in Finland – there were no vets able to operate on the dog on the weekend. This is ‘normal’ in Bosnia: X-ray is the most delicate exam that can be done there, no intensive care unit working 24/7 as in Europe or the USA.

ne384053_10202751290364111_2928805855510233627_nEdina did everything she could for him while he was in her care, waiting to take the dog to the vet. Many people from all over the world rallied to help with donations. He was offered a wonderful forever home in England. His mom-to-be named him Gabriel.

Edina would have taken Gabriel straight to the vet this morning but by the time morning came, Gabriele was gone.

Edina wrote: “Our baby Gabriel closed his beautiful eyes and didn’t wake up again… I`m so sorry that we lost you my baby… Damn the one who threw you out and did this to you… Rest in peace my fairy… If my tears could bring you back you ….. Life isn`t fair… His heart couldn`t take no more… Rest in peace my baby… We all love you so so much, this is so hard for me … You will be always in our hearts.. FOREVER BABY… From all my heart thanks to Caki Bravo who was with me, and suffered with me in these difficult moments… And thanks to all animal lovers who have given me words of encouragement— I know this is hard for all of us….


With the help of fellow rescuer Caki Bravo, little Gabriel was buried in a little plot of land where so recently Edina buried another of her rescues who did not make it.


We are sorry little one, you had a great future waiting for you and because of the cruelty of humankind it was torn away. There are no words for this sadness. Sleep well little soul. Rest in Peace.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina torture and killing animals is a common occurrence. In adults the offence is punishable by fine or imprisonment, however the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of such crimes very rarely occur. Also note that there are thousands of stray animals in the country, and it is very common for dogs to have to live on the streets as the government is not implementing adequate spay-neuter programs nor are there adequate dog shelters (it is known that public dog shelters in the country are concentration camps and used for money laundering).


Strays can be fed and monitored, and if there are funds raised, they can be put into pension (kennels). The costs are high: 90 – 120 euros per month. It would be impossible for all the strays to be taken into the rescuers homes for safety, there are thousands of them. In fact many landlords do not even allow animals. The few animal lovers in the country do the best they can, and often suffer for this, they are subject to acts of aggression from those who believe stray dogs are ‘vermin’.

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If you want to help you can donate for emergency vet supplies, for pension fees for rescued dogs and cats. Details are below. 

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Funds are needed not only to help individual rescues but also to continue our advocacy work in Bosnia Herzegovina, uncovering the truth about what is happening there.

On our sister site, Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia, you can set up a monthly donation via PayPal, or if you want to make a one-off donation, please go to your PayPal account (or set one up, it’s very easy) and send the money to: . Click on the image below to be taken to PayPal’s home page.


Or if you want to use the customised PayPal form, click the link below. However, a transaction fee and a percentage (2- 5.4%) will be deducted by PayPal for any contribution made.

If you want your contribution to go to a specific dog or cause, please make a note in the PayPal comment box. If you wish to contribute via bank transfer or have other difficulties or questions, please go here.


This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

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