I hold you in my heart at night as best I can, sometimes it is too much, sometimes I want it all to stop, the images, the thoughts, the tears, but they creep up on me in the silent time. I kiss your face, your two faces. The one I know, the one I have never seen. Your gentle nose, your slightly bristly hair against my cheek. Your eyes.  I try to love the face you were given, the face you had for five days. Days that tear my imagination. I imagine how you were, I replace what was taken. I kiss that gentle snout once more, and then I tell myself, No. I must love the face you died with. I try to look, I try not to turn away. It breaks me. I try to believe there is a place you have gone, a place where there is no more pain.

Those who found you called you Vucko. It means little wolf. Wolves are known as the teachers. The two men who caused your death and suffering wander free. Teach me to forgive, Vucko.

Dragi Vučko, čuvam te u svom srcu najbolje što umijem. Nekada mi je svega previše, a nekada samo želim da sve prestane- slike, misli, suze, ali oni mi se prikradaju u dugim i tihim noćima. Uvijek zamišljam kako ljubim tvoja dva lica- ono koje poznajem i ono koje nikada nisam vidjela. U snu ljubim tvoj mekani nosić dok tvoja ,pomalo oštra, dlaka dodiruje moj obraz. Pokušavam voljeti tvoje unakaženo lice, ono koje si imao zadnjih pet dana života. Zamišljam kakav si bio, zamišljam tvoje lijepo lice dok nije bilo unakaženo. Zamišljam kako ljubim tvoju mekanu njušku iznova i tada govorim sebi- Ne! Moram voljeti lice sa kojim si umro. Pokušavam da gledam, pokušavam ne okrenuti glavu. Pokušavam zamisliti mjesto na koje si otišao. To neko mjesto na kojem nema više bola i patnje za tebe.

Ljudi koji su te našli su ti dali ime Vučko, a vukovi su poznati kao učitelji. Ljudi koji su te povrijedili i ubili na kraju još uvijek su slobodni. Vučko- nauči me da oprostim!

21 thoughts on “Vucko

  1. This is a most unbelievably terrible and cruel thing these boys did to the poor dog. There must be a way to punish them. You said “teach me to forgive” !!! no, these nasty and cruel boys should never ever be forgiven.

  2. Sonja, the thing is other abuses to dogs there are happening all the time. We have to help the volunteers on the ground, they desperately need support. Please check out the rest of this site to see how you can help them.

  3. My heart is breaking. Your words are the words I feel.
    I wish people everywhere would understand that animals have souls, feelings and need just like humans. After all we are animals, too.

  4. What an awesome Dog, my heart goes out to him, people that cause pain to defenseless animals need to be held accountable. The terrible thing is Vucko was probably just looking to play, dogs are so loyal, they trust & love without thinking, only if people were the same.

  5. oh Vucko, you were such a beautiful dog, and now in heaven you are a beautiful angel. I will never forget your story of those boys that were responsible for your death and all the suffering you went through your final days……I wish help would have arrived earlier maybe there might have been something someone could have done to save you or at least end your suffering sooner. So many people don’t regard animals as a precious life, you are just as precious as any human and there is nothing you could have done to deserve what happened to you. One day there will be harsher penalities for such terrible acts, and we will continue to fight in your name……there will always be bad people but there will also be good people to stand up for all the animals that can’t. My heart goes out to you if I was there I would have stopped them……you were a precious dog and you deserved to be protected but you didn’t die in vain we will all continue the war on animal abuse, crulety, and murder. In Memory of Vucko may you rest in peace.

  6. thank you from the depths of my heart for the deeply sensitive tribute to dear Vucko! It does so relate to how I also feel, so adeptly spoken! somehow it eases a bit of the trauma I that feel for these animals; to know others lovingly care deeply too. and also thank you for this site, I am going to use it in Vucko’s memory . . . God bless you all and help us each be guided to make the “differance’s”.

  7. I cry tears of pain, anguish and hate as I write this. I cannot stop crying because I know and I can feel the pain that you had gone through, Dear Vucko. I feel so helpless and frustrated that I was not there to protect you. I know that you are in that special place where there is no pain, no malice, no cruelty and no fear. God bless you Dear Vucko you will always be in my heart. I too had a Cat named Garfield and like his namesake in the movie he was just like him, only thought about his image and always up to mischief but all in all he was precious to us and we loved him with all our hearts. But like the cruel people that hurt you I have such people living around me. And one day these people caught him and hurt him very badly and gravely. We took our Garfield to the doctor who attended to him and brought him home. I had to leave to go to work two days later and while at work I would enquire everyday how he was. He died a week after I left. The infection and the gravity of the wound was too great. I was not told that he had died and was so distressed when I came back to learn that he had died. Maybe like you God thought it best to call him home. If you do see him in your wanderings in that lovely place that you are, tell him that we still think of him, but be careful of him as he is always up to mischief. God bless all of you’ll who have given people like us such lovely memories and more so the pure unselfish love that you’ll have given us and which we human beings don’t posses.
    I have now one Dog, Brandy a Cocker Spaniel and eight Persian Cats, Shadow, Pepper, Fallen ( Spiderman ), Heidi, Bijou, Juno, Coal & Black who are the love of our lives. I guard them with my life and do not let them out of my sight. Because I feel that there are no people who measure up to my standards of looking after them the way we do i.e my wife, daughter & son included, I forfeit my holidays and let my family go while I look after these most precious pets of ours and nothing in the world gives me greater pleasure in doing so.
    Any one of you’ll are most welcome to go to my Facebook page and view their photographs and please feel free to post comments. All I can say is yes I will help with a donation and will try to get my friends to follow suit. But I am at work now and will be home in 10 days when I can fulfil my promise, this I promise. I would like to call and talk to you people from AV-MAU, it would give me immense pleasure to talk to people like you’ll noble souls. So if it is possible please send your telephone or mobile numbers, I assure you that I have the most honourable intentions and will never misuse them. I will try if I can come and visit you’ll in Sarajevo. God bless you’ll for the love and the care that you’ll show to these defenceless beautiful creatures of God’s creation. I salute you’ll.

  8. Thank you everyone for your lovely notes. I’m not able to reply individually at the moment as I’m on overwhelm with things to do, but it means a lot to me that you write. Percival I am so sorry to hear bout your cat. I am devastated even by a single bird being killed on the road so I totally understand. I have sent you an email regarding your questions.
    Love to all, Sandra

  9. Thanks Sandra for creating this wonderful site in memory of Vucko!

    I initially heard Vucko’s story a few months ago and felt incredibly sad and angry that anyone could intentionally do this to an innocent animal. These two horrible individuals who committed this crime should be in prison…studies show that those that torture animals many times go on to hurt people so everyone should be concerned.

    Vucko is now free of pain and fear and is in the hearts of so many that were touched by his story and life. If other animals are helped (in his memory) his death will not be in vain.

  10. God saw you suffering, trying to flee. He wrapped his arms around you and said, ” Come with me.” With teary eyes I loved you. I could not make you stay. Your special heart stopped beating. Now it is at rest. God told me he only takes the best. God took a part of me with you the day he took you home. Please Rest in Peace Sweet Innocent VUCKO. I WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR YOU. I NEVER KNEW YOU BUT FEEL I DO. I LOVE YOU VUCKO AND I WILL JOIN YOU WHEN I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED MY GOAL FOR YOU AND ALL THE OTHER INNOCENT ANIMALS WHO HAVE GONE TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE WITH YOU. YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE. JUST REST DEAR ONE.

    • dear Pam S. your tribute and Commitment is indeed very touching, I agree with it so much……and thank you for your deep caring, may a vast number of people rise up in like manner to help Vucko”s cause.

    • Aponi, thank you for your heartfelt note. The sad thing is that there are laws in Bosnia against animal abuse, they are just not enforced. The people have suffered so much in the wars, and the country is not doing at all well, so the animals are not considered as any kind of priority.

  11. Thank you Sandra for such loving caring words for the braveheart Vucko… He really did suffer didnt he? Bless him for taking that pain.. It was to serve as a reminder that all is not well and we cannot ignore things that need our help.. He took that role and gave us that lesson.. That takes a huge heart to do that. I for one will never forget his beautiful face. He was beautiful.. I will do what I can to help with funds. I will find out how to do that. Bless you Sandra for this wonderful memorial to Vucko it is the big step to reaching out and helping in places we can only imagine about. My heart goes out to the volunteers in Bosnia and other places.. They must need so much help and we can do so little except help fund them. Their hearts must break daily. Please tell them we wish them strength to carry on and they are not alone. Thank you.

  12. R.i.p Vucko you where a good nice dog And i hope you will find thos f****** bastards and my favorite dog is german shepard just like Vucko R.i.p buddy

  13. This is one if the saddest things I’ve ever seen. How do people have the nerve to do this ! I’m ashamed to be a human . Vucko did NOT deserve this !

  14. Does anyone have names and / or address of these little scumbags who did this? This deed cannot go unpunished. There used to be consequences for this. Well I’m the fucking consequence! Names and/or address please!

  15. Vucko,
    als ich Deine Geschichte las, kamen mir die Tränen und ich schloß Dich in mein Herz!
    Ich bin froh, daß Du von Deinen Qualen erlöst bist und wünsche mir nur, daß Deine Peiniger irgendwann einmal dafür büßen müssen, was sie Dir angetan haben.
    In Liebe

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