How to save a life in a few steps

How to save a life in just a few steps

Thanks to the hard work of Jelena Paunović and Dzenana Vukovic and other freelance animal welfare volunteers, and to donations from followers of this blog and from my Facebook friends (Jenny Graves, Patricia Vives, Julie Berry, Michelle Stark), Marley has been rescued from the streets and taken in to foster care to have his demodex treated.. this is what all of you have done, thank you all so much.

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Please know that Marley’s situation is still critical. He will need ongoing care, neutering and vaccinating, and then, found a home. Can you help? If you think you might want to adopt him, let me know.  Go here to find out how to donate – it would be directly to me via PayPal and I would then transfer the money to Bosnia. I can also give you the PayPal email address of my Bosnian animal welfare contacts if you prefer.  Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

And don’t forget the other dogs and cats needing help.. read the other posts. I will update any posts in the comments if their situation has been resolved.

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