Little Zossy is looking for a permanent home

Zossy a tiny kitten, was found on the streets of Sarajevo by Dzenana, one of the many freelance animal activists in Bosnia She was starving and had a terrible eye infection and looked like this:

Donations from dear friends and people on Facebook paid for her eye operation. She had to lose the eye. This is just after her operation:

In spite of her disability she manages just fine and is an amazingly cuddly, loving and playful kitten. Because I had helped raise funds for her operation I was given the honour of naming her, and I chose Zosime which is Greek for “survivor”. She is called Zossy for short.

There are more photos of her on Facebook here.

Dzenana cannot keep her, and she is in a foster home in Sarajevo until we can find her a long term home. It is not difficult to bring a cat from Bosnia to anywhere in Europe, and also the US and some other countries. If you fall in love with Zossy, and would like to adopt her, please email me. It is expensive, but we can help fundraise to cover the costs. She would have her pet passport and vaccinations and be all ready to come to you. If you want information on bringing a pet into your country you can find out some details here: Ideally she would go to someone in the UK so I can visit her, and it would be not such a long journey for her, but we will consider all offers!

But, very importantly, we need to know she is going to the perfect home. Because she will be a little handicapped to survive outdoors, she needs to be an indoor cat with lots of attention and space to roam and toys to play with. You can also teach her to walk outside on a lead with a little walking jacket, which is what I do with my own cat, Ronan. You must know you will want her for a lifetime, she cannot go from home to home. She has had such a difficult start to life we want her to be happy and stable all her life. Contact me for more information.

Update: Zossy will fly to her forever home in December! As of November 21 we still need $200 to cover the costs. CHIPIN

Update: January 1, 2013. Zossy is now living happily in Nevada, USA, with a devoted new mom!

3 thoughts on “Little Zossy is looking for a permanent home

  1. Oh my god! She is looking lovely and so recovered!i would keep her if i had more room! Three cats is a lot already here :s. Im sure she is going to be lucky, she looks so beautiful and playful, great news to see her like this!

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