Horror Shelter in Hreša PART TWO

This from Jelena Paunovic, who just got back from Hreša:

When I first published photos from Hreša shelter many people interested in adopting contacted me. I had probable home for ten dogs. Director of shelter, in our conversation two days ago, said he is interested in cooperation regarding helping him with food, public relations and adoptions of dogs.

Today we went to shelter with the idea to take few dogs and put them in pension until they could be sent to their adopters. Alas, when we got there all of this dogs were missing and shelter was half empty.

We were able to put seven puppies and two grown up dogs in a small car. We put them in pension aware that we saved them of eminent death. All of them will need sponsors for pension costs. First expenses will be covered with money gathered for food as we have almost no dogs left there to be fed. We found out that bodies of dogs were buried at local garbage disposal site and we went there to look for bodies. Employee of facility confirmed that bodies were buried there but said there is no possibility to see them as they dug them in deep. We looked for them but to no result. Later we tried to get few remaining ones out but run into a trouble as workers arrived so we had to flee!

There is probably six more dogs there but we are not capable to get them out as this could be very dangerous now when they expect us. Early this morning one of activists talked to shelter manager who claimed that he released dogs but witnesses and clues are telling another story.

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(contact me for Jelena’s details to give them so they can verify the story)

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Demand Investigation into Horror Shelter in Hresa, Bosnia

Please contact the local authorities directly, see the post below. I’ll be redrafting a letter soon.


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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing.   Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

21 thoughts on “Horror Shelter in Hreša PART TWO

  1. This is horrible. I hope they can take the remaining alive dogs and give them a house! Im happy for the rescued ones though. You are all very brave and real heroes. Thank you!

  2. I am glad that some of the animals were saved but I pray the remaining ones will be also saved.Those who are responsible for animal suffering deserved to be punished & the maximum punishment.All my love to the dogs c other animnals rescued & my admiration for the people who rescued them.

  3. This is disgusting, it makes me physically sick hearing of these dogs fate. How can these people live with themselves knowing what they have done. Whose the animals here? not the dogs thats for sure!!!!!

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  5. I am disgusted how animals are treated there and abused, I thought this only happened in Asia. I am under the impression that in Sarajevo is better as the people are looking after the dogs and feeding them. So glad there are kind people in Boznia helping these poor defenceless animals. My parents were Serbian although I was born here in the UK, but I would never go back to the country because of their cruelty to animals not only pets but farm animals and the way they are killed.Poor Vucko to be in the wrong place at the wrong time against some horrible thugs, hopefully God will teach them a lesson. I hate this world because my life is so unbearable thinking of all the animals that suffer and abused by sick people and in China it is worse from /what I have seen abusing a dog on the streets, my God what kind of sick people live in this world? Rest in peace Vucko and over that rainbow bridge you are happy playing with other friends.Please help the animals and thank you to the kind people who are. Will donate some money.

  6. I’m not sure if it is possible , but try contacting the WSPA: world society for the protection of animals .. (The website is http://Www.wspa.org ) look for their contact info.. They might be able to help … They have 17 head offices around the world, one may be close to this area.. Regardless , if they can’t help they will be able to provide you with information on how to help these babies… I pray for you little ones… ❤ …

    • Thanks Stephanie, sadly the WSPSC cannot help. We have made contact with Dogs Trust which has a branch in Bosnia. This is what they say (SVO is the State Veterinary Office). So far I have not heard anything further..


      SVO informed us yesterday the responsible vet inspectorate (that of RS) advised the shelter has been closed down by the local public utility company, even before the inspectorate had a chance to act, in an apparent effort to avoid possible legal sanctions.

      Because there have been no prior inspection visits and because the shelter closed down before they could act now, the inspectorate couldn’t provide any more details at this time.

      It was not immediately clear what happened to the remaining dogs, but we will continue following up on this and keep you informed.

  7. Horror I am sick revolted action is needed Now

    I will do my geatest to spread the word and getting proaction for donations

    Animals are gods creatures thid horror tbey Dyiing hirror of neglect abuse starvation tthis should be.
    God bless you for ypour dedication love heart and tenacity to help those living
    I will do my best I dont have paypal but I wiLl figure something out soon

  8. Please keep a;; informed about what is going on. I just e-mailed a letter to the mayor(???) where this place is. What a hell of a world! I am soooo glad you brought this to the attention of all the world on face book. I already donate to a shelter in Tuzla. Bosnia and have virtually adopted 4 dogs there and also am sending money each month for another sick puppy so I do not have money to send you also (and have 17 indoor cats and an Alaskan Malamute dog at home) but-keep on with the face book and start the virtual adoption thing like the other shelter did in the spring of this year.

  9. If this shelter was closed down by the government #1- have you found out what they did with the dogs that were still there?, #2- Is there ANY place for people to take dogs now?, #3 what is the government doing with the money that was supposed to go to care for these animals? ( I would imagine the people who pay taxes would want to know).(do they pay taxes there?)

    • Nancy, it is almost 100% certain that the dogs were killed and not humanely. All we have is the letter from Dogs Trust Bosnia, which I mention on Part Three: “the State Veterinary Office informed Dogs Trust a few days ago that the vet inspectorate responsible stated the shelter has been closed down by the local public utility company, even before the inspectorate had a chance to act, in an apparent effort to avoid possible legal sanctions. Because there have been no prior inspection visits and because the shelter closed down before they could act now, the inspectorate couldn’t provide any more details. Dogs Trust BiH state that they will continue following up on this.”

      I have not heard anything more, but will write to Dogs Trust to see if they know anything. Some dogs were saved, I will email you about these privately.

      It is very complicated in Bosnia. Standard of living is low, wages are low, there’s very bad health care, unemployment is high. The country’s economy is in a very bad state. Corruption is rife. People for the most part don’t care about dogs, so don’t care about what happens with the shelters. Individual citizens pay bounty hunters to kill dogs. Governments seek public votes by stating they will kill the stray population.

      I have had correspondence with Susan Johnson from the US State Department – she lived for three years in Bosnia, where she was OHR Deputy High Representative and Supervisor of Brcko District, a special unit of multiethnic local self government under international supervised administration. She was appalled at the terrible situation for dogs in Bosnia in general and in Brcko. She had the authority to stop the illegal shooting and poisoning of street dogs for bounty payments (a very common practice throughout Bosnia )and she did all she could to support local NGOs and to educate local government authorities about responsible dog ownership and the importance of spay and neuter programs for any effective and humane animal control program. In spite of her postion, she did not succeed. She helped one NGO establish a model no kill shelter in Brcko called BAZIL. The local government authorized them to collect street dogs and promised a contract for the operation of the shelter. 100 dogs were collected from the streets, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and became the residents of this shelter. BUT. During the 6 years plus this shelter was in operation it was subjected to sabotage, threats, abuse, theft and illegitimate lawsuits seeking to hold the operators financially liable for any and all dog bites in Brcko District. The shelter was forced to close down and Susan had to raise thousands of dollars to relocate the dogs to Serbia and re-home them in the USA. I believe this is still in process.

      • Well I’m sad to hear the ones rescued died. I hope the others are okay. The puppies being treated are still for adoption?

      • Dena, sadly all puppies rescued died. The two dogs saved are fine and yes are up for adoption.
        Look out for a new posting in the next while about the Hresa dogs. I have some news, but have to wait until I can post it.


  11. Wie kann einem ein Lebewesen das Gefühle, eine Seele und ein Herz hat, hilflos wie ein Kind ist egal sein. Ihr werdet euch alle vor Gott verantworten müssen ! Es ist die Schuld der Menschen, die die Tiere auf die Straße geworfen haben, die sie nicht kastriert und die sich nicht um sie gekümmert haben. Anstatt Verantwortung für diese Tiere zu übernehmen und die Population der Tiere auf humane und zivilisierte Weise durch konsequente Kastration zu dezimieren und sie zu adoptieren. Sich wie ungebildete Menschen aus der Steinzeit zu benehmen, die nicht erwachsen genug sind die Verantwortung für eigenes Handeln zu übernehmen.

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