The rescues at this particular pension in Sarajevo have no heating. There are nine dogs at this pension, most of them quite young. Marley and Tessa are outside (with a dogs house to sleep in, but no heating) and all the others are sleeping in a garage. It is VERY cold, temperatures already going down to minus 10 and it will get much colder. Jelena Paunović couldn’t take many photos because her fingers were frozen.  What is worse is that all the dogs are very unwell with demodex and lowered immune systems. These are the dogs that survived canine parvovirus and Tessa, one of the dogs, barely survived pneumonia and has an enlarged heart. See “Things Are Not Good In Sarajevo“.

If we can’t find a solution the dogs may not survive the winter. I am not sure what the solution can be. The only suitable pension is King Pension and there is no space there. Perhaps we can raise funds for blankets, straw, or even for electric heating to be brought into the garage. I’m working on this and will update but funds are needed to get these dogs through the winter, at the very least with very high quality food. Jackets for each dog cost around 40 Euros ($USD 50) unless they can be mailed over, but this can take up to 6 weeks from the USA.





UPDATE: donations are already coming in, thank you so much! And I’ve just started a ChipIn for those that prefer: HELP 9 DOGS SURVIVE THE WINTER IN SARAJEVO


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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. You can donate via PayPal and I then transfer the money to Bosnia.  Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

23 thoughts on “CRITICAL SITUATION

  1. Sandra, i get paid tomorrow, and will give as much as i can. I will keep giving every couple weeks as much as i can. Sandra is there any thing else we can do? Is there a bigger organization that is willing to help. I am in so much agony over these poor animals. I feel very helpless and want to do as much as i can. It is just so horrible.

    • Daphne, we are doing all we can to involve international organisations but the situation as you know is really very difficult and complex in Bosnia. These 9 dogs are, I suppose, comparatively well off compared to the 11,000 strays wandering the streets…. we have some donations coming in for these maybe we can help them get through the winter. Thanks for your care!

  2. I will make a small donation when i get paid im afraid a small donation is all i can afford at this time but i will share all this info with friends family and online to get all the donations possible small donations add up! Thanks Sandra

    • Gina, it wouldn’t do anything unfortunately. This is a very cheap pension, so we are getting what we pay for. The problem is that there is no alternative right now for the dogs — the best pension is King Pension, and it’s totally full. Normally this pension might be ok if the dogs were not in such poor health.

  3. I could make/buy the jackets for the dogs and send them to you? I think I have few extra ones for middle sized dogs here already after puppy that has been growing up fast.

  4. I just donated to the 9 dogs funding. I have lived in Germany 1987, and know of the cold you speak of. I have sent you a private email about using plastic sheeting on the outside of the outside pens and sides and top of the dog houses . It will block the wind so reduce the wind’s chill factor.

    How much does a bale of straw cost to put into the dog houses? Here it is about 9.00 USD a bale.

    Thanks for being there to help – Nelda

  5. Is there anyway we can get an international organization involved in coordination of moving some of these dogs to homes in the US?

    • Sadly this would be a very costly project. I’ve had little luck with organisations wanting to help in Bosnia, but will keep pursing! As we have transport arranged for 10 – 15 dogs from Sarajevo to the UK, this is what we are trying to focus on. It will cost only about 300 Euros per dog to do this, as opposed to over 1000 for the US per dog.

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