Four Sad Dogs & Nineteen dogs Caged without Food or Water

282968_10200356214610762_2011676_nThis is Marley. Many of you know him and have donated towards his care. Remember the post ‘How To Save A Life in a Few Steps‘? Well, we saved his life. He was found as a young puppy, severely affected with demodex (mange). He was put into foster care and then pension. He caught canine parvovirus which spread around Sarajevo. Marley was one of the few to survive. He is on our list of dogs up for adoption, but we need to do something for him as soon as possible. He is a very shy, very timid little boy, and is often subject to aggression from the other dogs in the pension where he is. The pension does not have individual pens so he suffers. We need to move him to a better pension, which will cost 120 euros a month. Can anyone sponsor his stay? Or better, would you like to adopt him? Go here to help or scroll to the bottom of this page.


This is Eric. Eric was also rescued from the streets of Sarajevo, and is also on our list of dogs up for adoption. He also had demodex. But now he seems to have another skin problem which is not healing.

He’s received many vitamins and skin therapy from the vet, but he keeps scratching himself and things are getting worse.

Eric needs to have a proper veterinary check up with blood tests to find out what is wrong with him. Can you help sponsor Eric?

Go here to help or scroll to the bottom of this page.


This is Les. Les was found with such severe marks on his body it’s certain he’d been abused: his skin was badly scared by chains. Les is fine now, he is good with other dogs, but he doesn’t allow people to hug him around neck. Because of this, it is feared he will never be adopted.

Please, if you feel you are the right home for Eric, contact us on our adoption website,

photo12This is Endy, a beautiful German Shepherd mix. Endy was rescued from a park in Sarajevo. She survived distemper but she is a very frightened dog, she hides in her cage all the time. Jelena does not know what to do. She feels the only hope is to put Endy in King Pension to see if Almir Kuduz can help socialize her, and bring her confidence back. A place is booked for her on the 25th of January, but we need funds to ensure she can stay for some months. Go here to help or scroll to the bottom of this page. Endy is also on our list of dogs up for adoption, so if you have experienced with emotionally damaged dogs and want to adopt her, please contact us.



And to the last story for today. Jelena Paunović and Sandra Kenda, another animal welfare activist received a phone call today, telling them that several dogs were captured in the grounds surrounding SIGMA, a manufacturing company in Butmir, Sarajevo. They went there tonight and saw the dogs. They were caged behind a make-shift fence without food or water, 12 adult dogs and seven puppies. One female dog is about to give birth. Jelena and Sandra Kenda were told that the director of the company ordered his employees to collect all the dogs near the grounds and cage them behind a fence. The dogs have been there for more that 24 hours without food and water. Jelena notified the veterinary inspector about the situation and the dogs were given food.

72509_10200362735133771_686300019_nThe oldest of the dogs is six years old and has been living in this area for all his life. The dogs have been living in the area for years, being fed by the employees of the company. Why the director is suddenly trying to get rid of the dogs we don’t know. Jelena is planning to telephone the director tomorrow and to find out what is going on. If I have news I will update this page.


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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing.  Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

21 thoughts on “Four Sad Dogs & Nineteen dogs Caged without Food or Water

  1. This is a disgrace for any country. Humans do not know the word compassion anymore. I just sent money in to be used on any animal that needs it. We have the same horrible things happening in the U.S. It sickens me. Animals are God’s creatures that give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I love my animals more than I care for most people. People hurt others, animals do not. All they want to do is love you in return for food andshelter and these sick people have to have power over something so they takeit out on innocent creatures.

    • Ronda, thank you so much for your very very generous donation. You’ll get an ‘official’ thank you as well, but I wanted you to get this now. I appreciate your support, and I agree with what you say.

  2. Sandra I’m a DOG LOVER and when I found out about Vucko my heart was and still is broken do u know what ever happened to the teenagers that TORCHED him ? My husband tells me you can’t save every abused dog , he see hoe bad my heart hurt for these dog so I PRAY and put it in GODS hands!! I want so badly to be the to get justice for these dogs I want to be the one to hand the sentence down because half of the abusiers get a slap on the back … My thoughts are always on a dog because I look at people like the big basket ball star MIKE VICKS and everyone knows he got off to lite and now he has a DOG how is that ??? I know in my heart that hurts everyday that these dog will get JUSTICE from the man above GOD and Im a stronge believer in him because he said NO ABUSE and everyone has to face him on judgement day !! I get soooo mad at what these so called human people can stand to do to these DOGS that I LOVE SOOOOO MUCH … Sandra can you give me any advice how I go about dealing with all the harm that is done to a dog thats all they want is LOVE because all they do is give LOVE … I do alot of crying because it hurt me so bad to see something like i seen with Vucko that is one dog that stays in my mind …. Thanks for letting me vent !!! You are doing a amazing job what would these dog do without YOU ??? LOTS OF LOVE I SEND TO YOU !!!!!

    • Diane I know how much it hurts. But now when I think of Vucko, it is as if he is with me, and guiding me — since I started this website, many dogs have been helped because of donations that come through this website. I think this is the only way to deal with the grief of seeing animal abuse, to do what one can. I found that if I didn’t ‘do’ anything with my grief and anger it was much much worse. Even if it isn’t donating, but maybe volunteering at a local shelter for a couple of hours a week, or doing fundraising or advocacy on Facebook. Or asking your local pet store or vet if they might donate out of date medicaments (worming tablets) or dog collars, leashes, blankets and so on. There are all kinds of ways to help, even if just small steps. I remind myself that if Vucko could talk, it is what he would want, for me to try to help dogs in his country.

      We have a Facebook group and page:
      If you are on Facebook you can join our group and help tell everyone about the suffering dogs in Bosnia.

      I know animal abuse happens all over the world, and if I think about it, it is completely devastating. I have discovered it is better to focus on one issue, or one place, or one cause – rather than try to help all the dogs.

      Take care of yourself. I know it’s hard, very hard.

  3. hello it’s me again, I did not forget to make a donation, it’s just that I need to recharge my postpaid right now… I will do it ❤

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