Puppy run over and left to die


This morning animal advocates in Sarajevo received a phone call from a young man crying and screaming to help a puppy who had been run over by a car on outskirts of Sarajevo, an area called Jercedoli. The puppy was injured yesterday but the poor boy only discovered him this morning in his yard. He picked him up and hid him in an improvised dog-house until someone replied to his cries for help. When advocates were contacted they went immediately and brought “Puppy” to the city center and to a vet where his injuries were examined.


His back left paw is completely broken, an open fracture, his skin torn, on his front left paw the skin is completely shredded and you can see all the muscles and bones beneath it. He has several other injuries on his other paws but those are minor in comparison to the rest. Tomorrow he will be taken to the vet faculty for an x-ray of the injured paws and to see what type of surgery can be done. Donations for surgery, vet care and pension fees are urgently needed. He is about three months old. Please state your donation is for “Puppy”.


Puppy is at the vet station. Things are not looking great. He will at least have to have one of his legs amputated. More photos have been added to the slideshow including x-rays. Donations have already come in, thank you so much, a total right now of 200 euros. More will be needed for surgery, recovery and then pension – and hopefully…. a forever home.



Puppy is at Milena Malesevic’s apartment (one of the animal advocates in Sarajevo). Vet amputated his back paw and said front one needs constant vet care. This will be arranged tomorrow via the vet university. Today’s surgery cost 110 euros. More donations have come in, thank you so much. We are at about 400 euros now. Maybe if he is well enough he can be adopted in the UK on our June transport. Please contact us if you can help.


UPDATE MARCH 13, 1 p.m
Puppy is at the vet station. Not good news so far. Dr. Selma Filipovic concludes that his front paw is in very bad shape. New photos added to the slideshow.


Puppy is now called ‘Ado’ after Adnan, the boy who telephoned for help originally. Ado is with Milena Malesevic who is changing the dressings daily. She says Ado is eating well but is in shock and very quiet. We are very concerned about the front leg. Milena says it is not looking good. Right now we are trying to see if Ado can be taken to a clinic in Slovenia where Milena has had good luck with severely injured animals.

Ado will be taken to Slovenia asap, where he will be looked after by Animal Angels and taken straight to the clinic in Ljubljana. The trip is a 9 hour drive.
So far costs are 395 euros, this is for his surgery, vet care, the trip to Slovenia. This leaves 300 euros left over from current donations for his treatment in Slovenia. We have no idea right now what that will cost so please help us to keep fundraising.
426495_4648866701817_130134792_n 577857_4648865381784_332975977_nWe have just found out that this puppy had been fed with his siblings by another animal activist.. so we have an earlier photograph of this little boy…with all his legs 😦


Ado is doing OK, latest photos below. He is eating, and is going to the toilet, but is quiet and needs to be kept warm as he is still in shock.
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887070_4654166554310_1207349575_oUpdate March 16 p.m
Ado now has his own Facebook Page Saving Puppy Ado
And we have started a YouCaring fundraiser (which works like ChipIn used to)
He is eating and sleeping well.

Update March 17 
Ado is in the clinic in Slovenia. His front leg is in very, very bad shape. The tissue is dying and gangrene has set in. They will try everything they can with antibiotics for 24- 48 hours, but right now it needs a miracle.

We are contacting a specialist in bone surgery and also where he is there is a very good specialist. Everything that can be done will be done.

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“They have not decided for the amputation yet the wound does not smell as bad as it did, it looks like clymicin medicine has gave some progress he is on the operation desk already for three hours, now they will probably remove just one part of his paw.

They are trying to save his leg, if it works it will be a process of two or more months, but it can happen of course the they will have to amputate, they can not say yet for now they are trying because it is not worse then it was yesterday, mabey it is even a bit better when they finish today, they will send me a report on e-mail if they save his leg, costs will be much higher, she could not tell me how much, but she said we should all raise money, because it will be probably around 1000 euros maybe more..”

“Today Ado’s damaged paw was thoroughly examined (he was under anesthesia). They cleaned pus focus and dead tissues, sewed what could be sewn in the upper part of his paw. In the lower area he has practically no skin, lower joint is most probably broken, 2 claws had to be removed, it seems they will have to amputate one or 2 toes. The part with no skin is protected with Hydrogel.

In the following days the procedure will be repeated, his wounds will be daily cleaned, his general condition and lower joint status will be regularly monitored.
He will be also x-rayed tomorrow. If everything goes well they try with skin transplantation though it is not necessarily always successful. Ado is on 3 different antibiotics, pain release plasters and meds like ( Rymadil, Tramal).

Ado is a doll. He is in constant pain still he bears it well. He likes to eat,( especially treats), they carry him out on the grass to let him do his business. He is smart, he would look at you with those eyes and the vets know at once what he wants. He enjoys when patted and hugged, he longs for contact with humans and he whines when he is alone. Only in case his condition gets threatening for life we will think of amputation. For now we go step by step, from one hour to another, with our fingers crossed hoping for the best..”

“From Sunday till now Ado has recieved daily changing of his bandages, including cleaning of the wound, wound irrigation ,debridement, wound closure-where it was possible, bandaging. He is recieving different kind of antibiotics and also multimodal analgesia.”

Olga visited Ado today, she says:“He is doing well for now.
I gave him milion kisses and he gave me some back.. He also got a new toy Elvis!”elvis

UPDATE March 24
A video of our lovely boy. His front leg is also broken. We will not know if we can save it for a few days yet. Most updates are now on his Facebook Page Saving Puppy Ado
Please help with funding via our YouCaring fundraiser for Ado.

UPDATE March 26
“Again, a different situation: The vets have taken out the stitches from the upper part of Ado’s front leg and it’s doing well. The lower part of the leg is not ok but they still hope they can save it. 1/3 of Ado’s tail had to be amputated. I just came from the clinic. He is so brave. I feel sorry for him, he is a fighter but still my heart is in pain. Tomorrow the vets will get results from blood test to see how his liver is doing because of all the medicine he has received.”
(Ado’s tail had been damaged in the accident and also wasn’t healing)Note: All updates will now be posted only on his Facebook page: Saving Puppy Ado.

We have raised enough for his veterinary care until now, but funds are still needed for his daily care which costs 30 euros per day.  Donations via YouCaring: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/Saving-Puppy-Ado/47574 or direct to Paypal at donations@awabosnia.org (mark for Ado).Final update May 2013:  Ado was adopted by the lovely vet who took such good care of him! He’s doing very well and is much loved by her and her husband.

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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

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  2. Looking for an update for today on little Ado. Hope he is improving, poor little guy. Wish I could help in a bigger way. Sharing info whenever possible. Thanks Sandra, for caring.

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