Concentration Camp for Man’s Best Friend – PART TWO


In March I made a post about the dog “shelter” called ‘Prihvatilište KS Prača’, commonly known as ‘Praca’. Please read the post: Concentration Camp for Man’s Best Friend.

The following is a translation of an article published yesterday on

A, GDJE JE AMELA? So, Where is Amela

bin2A group of animal welfare activists visited Praca dog shelter today. They visited the shelter after they had been asked to do so by locals and by Mrs. Elmedina Devlic, the wife of one of three co-owners of shelter. Both locals and the co-owners have had claims of their own about the bad management of the shelter, headed by the Director Amela Turalic. The locals claim that they are exposed to potential danger of dogs while the co-owners claim that dogs suffer because of the bad shelter management.

markedasspayedbutpregnantThe Situation in Praca shelter culminated four days ago when the shelter Director Amela Turalic wanted to spay a pregnant dog just two days before the dog gave birth, also only few days ago she allowed a three month old puppy to be neutered. As per her order the dogs were fed rotten innards and baby cookies. Despite many conversations and warnings, Amela never stopped doing things she saw fit,” explained Mrs. Elmedina Devlic.


During today’s visit to Praca shelter, we found cold storage room where slaughterhouse leftovers are kept as well as baby cookies. Mrs. Devlic claims this is the only food that dogs are fed.

foodmess2Stench from the cold storage room can be smelt a mile away! Turalic was obviously thinking that rotten meat and biscuits with chocolate are “the best” food for dogs. Praca workers have claimed for many months that dog food collected at charity events mysteriously vanishes from the shelter. Fortunately, dogs are not hungry because of the efforts of a few of us good people make. However, it does not mean that someone’s arbitrariness should not end,” explained Devlic. 

563762_10201071314127803_1137708868_nWhile approaching the shelter, it is evident that many dogs are outside of the shelter confines. Locals, people who live in surrounding villages, complain that dogs are deliberately released from shelter. Such dogs scare children, slaughter sheep and then in the end are “dealt with” by hunters. A school van that provides transportation of children to school is located in front of the shelter. Parents are concerned about safety of their children.

525231_10201071343088527_1235264373_nIt’s no secret that Amela and her Italian volunteer Mara, deliberately set dogs free from the shelter. Municipal authorities get on average five to six reports about it from concerned locals every day. Had she done her job responsibly, all this would have never happened! Nobody hates dogs here, but they should stay at the shelter and not in settlement!

I fired Amela Turalic today and have banned her from ever entering the shelter again. I have the right to do so. According to the signed agreement,
Murai Komerc was authorized to take care of the shelter and its employees until March 13, this year. The date has expired. Whatever will happen further, I 150422_10152759298505445_1202561891_nstand firm that the former practice is obsolete
,” Mrs. Devlic categorically claimed.

Municipal authorities are outraged by the presence of stray dogs that roam freely in the nearby countryside, it is a problem and authorities appeal for a solution.

We tried to contact Amela Turalic but she did not answer our calls.


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2 thoughts on “Concentration Camp for Man’s Best Friend – PART TWO

  1. I’m glad she was removed from this shelter. My hope is that somehow to get someone in there who has compassion for the dogs.

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