Kitten Beaten to Death in Bosnia


Translation of “Beaten Kitten” July 3, 2013,
Author: Jelena Paunovic

Two days ago in Dobrinja, Sarajevo was reported a new case in a series of animal abuse cases. The target of the abuser this time was a helpless kitten. According to many neighbors, the kitten was beaten  to death with awooden plank by a man called Nazif Hodzić.

“This is not the first time that Nazif beat to death one of the local kittens. Last week he violently beat up a kitten until he broke the kitten’s spine. The kitten succumbed to injuries and died. I am retired and I have no money, but I take food from my own mouth to feed the cats every day. I lost a son in the war and the cats are the only ones in this world who give me comfort and hope,” said a weeping Meira Dragovac, who takes care of stray cats in her neighbourhood.

Meira Meira Dragovac at the scene

Activists of “Angel“, the Association for Animal Protection and Health, reported the  case to the  veterinary inspection and Police department in Novi Grad. Police arrived shortly after the call and drew up an official note. Since the activists only learned about this whole case through social networks a day after the incident actually happened, the notification to the veterinary inspection was submitted late last night. Activists  announced that they will bring criminal charge against the perpetrator of this monstrous crime.

Every time you encounter a new case of animal abuse, you always inevitably wonder if it will ever end. This kitten did not represent any threat or danger to anyone. We immediately took the kitten to the vet, but it could not be saved. We had to put him to sleep. To cause such injuries to an innocent creature could be done only  by someone with a serious mental disorder“, said Edina Pasić-Korjenić from “Angel“.

Video of the kitten fighting for his life after the arrival of the activists

In an informal conversation Nazif Hodzić denied that he seriously hurt the kitten. He said that he just chased cats out of his yard because they foul his garden.

This garden does not belong to him! In front of our building there are two small gardens, one is maintained by myself and the other by him. Over time, by an unwritten law, he proclaimed that part of the garden as his property. In addition to killing the animals, Nazif threatened us daily. I am ashamed to think of all the insults which we are daily exposed. A number of times he wanted to beat us. Simply, it does not suit him for anyone to want to live normally:  people, nature and animals,“ Ms.Dragovac  commented.

prebijenamacaEuthanized kitten who had no luck

After the kitten was euthanized, the activists called the local pound whose duty it is to pick up animal corpses. They did not answer neither our nor the phone calls from the police officers. Just to mention again that their PR Ahmed Djipa  stated in January 2013 that they are working 24/7 and that they are always there to help the citizens; and yet after just 7 months, no one is answers their “hot line” number 033/713-510.

If all this will remain just another in a series of crimes against animals without punishment, it remains to be seen.

Note: this is a translation of an article on “Beaten Kitten” July 3, 2013
Author: Jelena Paunovic


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8 thoughts on “Kitten Beaten to Death in Bosnia

  1. I don’t understand how they were just standing around talking & filming this video while the poor kitten was crying out in obvious excruciating pain.
    They should have taken the kitten to the vet IMMEDIATELY..
    Why waste any precious time??

  2. NO THANKS- I DON’T NEED TO SEE THE VIDEO OF MORE SUFFERING ie the kitten fighting for his life, no offfense but animal ABUSE DISCUSTS me and we see enough of it in AMERICA!!! I have (any decent would) have to report animal abuse to Animal Control all the time- well thanks for listening, there is e-n-o-u-g-h- suffering already!!!!

    • im with you on this, i dont want to see it, ive already read it. Did anyone notice that, without the last letter, his name spells nazi, no disrespect to our german friends.

  3. kitten!!!!!!!! i WOULD lovvvvvvvvvvvv TO beat THIS evil entity TO PARTIAL death !!!!!!!!! THEN DUMP THE TRASH IN OCEAN!!!! Souless Evil ones!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NAZIF Hodzic, dabogda ti se osusile i noge i ruke, dabogda ne mogao progovoriti , dabogda se raspadao u ranama i bolovima a ne mogao odma umrijeti. Primitivcino jebena, nisi ti ini za dzunglu a ne d azivis u gradu u civilizaciji, bezosjecajni sljamu. Takve kao sto si ti, treba u elektricnu stolicu odma staviti, cisti te taj sljam iz naseg grada!!!

  5. I have a rescue Paw Town Cats here in the states an I see humans dumping mama cats old cats an kittens where iI live an the some how find my door but we need to keep video tapeing bad as it is we “MUST” keep a record of all the hate that is done on animals so the dearth of this kittens is not i vain an now this little kitten is in the arms of Morther Nature free of this “DOG EAT DOG NON-CARING HATEFUL HUMAN WORLD” rest in peace sweet kitten your suffering is over. =^..^=

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