Activists from Sarajevo visit Doboj dog shelter

News from the latest efforts by activists in the emergency situation in Doboj, Bosnia Herzegovina.

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journalists for animals

Today activists activists from Animal health and protection association “Angel” from Sarajevo visited dog shelter at Doboj.

Like the rest of the town the shelter that is 12 km outside of the town is enveloped in ghastly atmosphere.

ImageAccording to the activist “A pregnant bitch unfortunately died. Her dead body is located near the place where another bitch recently gave birth to puppies. It is terrible to see dogs literally swallowing food, and judging by the amount of fesses in the boxes, the dogs haven’s had any visitors in a while.”


They express hope that the Preslica shelter management will soon normalize the catastrophic state of the shelter. will attempt to contact the management and give you the other side of the story as soon as possible.


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