Day of Mourning in Bosnia Herzegovina.. how many animals have died?

mourningAuthorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared today a day of mourning for those killed in the floods. At least 17 people have died. 

No one has counted the death toll of the animals – the cats, the dogs, the farm animals. In just one farm – Borojević farm in Bosanski Šamac municipality, 400 cows drowned.
deadcowsGallery and news article (in Bosnian). There was one survivor…
theonethatgotawayWe have just heard that this town has maybe one hundred dogs surviving but abandoned, without food  – both stray and owned, and this is only one small area! Rescuers are trying to organise a trip there to bring food.

10325401_462757910525215_5670391384137778680_nThe government says 1 million people, or a quarter of the population, have been affected by the flooding and landslides, comparing the destruction to that of the country’s 1992-95 war. This is a natural disaster beyond the comprehension of anyone in the country. They have never suffered something like this in living memory. There are landslides and mudslides everywhere, roads and railway lines are destroyed and will cost more money than the country has to rebuild, and the floods have moved land mines left there since the war, which will endanger the lives of survivors and rescue workers.

10253929_10203277555594880_5870335531974837722_nSomeone from Doboj (one of the worst affected areas) said the water came into his town so quickly it was already 3 metres deep within an hour, and by the time the alarm sirens were sounded it was already there. People and animals had no chance.

Andjeo Sarajevo animal welfare charity and other rescuers are working in all areas of Sarajevo and have visited many badly hit areas – they spent this last weekend in Olovo, Maglaj and Doboj helping both people and animals. They have released trapped and hurt animals, fed stray dogs and 1622239_10203293998484601_670599692095744006_ncats as well as owned dogs and cats from people who have lost everything. Andjeo Sarajevo also visited one of the ‘horror’ shelters in Doboj and fed the surviving dogs there.

Rescuers from Tuzla area (Marianne’s Dog Food Bank organisation and others) have fed animals, rescued dogs from drowning, made shelters for street dogs, left food for packs of dogs and people who feed them. They also brought to the vet a litter of puppies with canine parvovirus. They distributed about 400 kg of dog and cat food to rescuers in Tuzla and other people feeding dogs and visited the areas struck by landslides in Tuzla.

10369217_10203287063271225_7138937784247332460_nThis group was instrumental in assisting the 171 dogs in Orasje shelter. They were telephoned with the news that imminent disaster could strike… They rushed to buy water supplies, blankets, working gloves, canned food in case they got stuck there for few days, and about 40 kilos of dog and cat food. As one rescuer said:  “Mixed feelings and surroundings reminding us of  the war time…People making barricades to slow down water if it comes fast. Landslides and houses gone all along the way. News on the radio bringing nothing encouraging…”

10302639_10203293974484001_7015559752904030225_nOrasje shelter is one of the best in the country, supported by Animal-Kind International and BAF. When rescuers arrived all was well but they prepared cages in front of each kennel so they could rescue dogs should flooding occur.

And than we waited… The most horrible thing – hoping for the best, expecting the worse. Every now and then we went out on the road to gather information from people in charge for this area. And in meanwhile, played with dogs, helped shelter team clean storage room… As night came close, we got information that the road back home is closed. We spent the night in Svetlana`s home, with
her wonderful dogs, while she and shelter stuff kept 10313847_10203307806949804_1963500672763033645_nwatch at the shelter… Nobody called for help during night – we feared this the most. Another day in the shelter we spent a little bit more relaxed, as information we got confirmed situation is under control. Measures are still taken at the spot, and nobody knows what tomorrow brings… One thing we know though, just a phone call and we will be on our way there again! Villages not further than only 3 km from shelter are completely flooded, people evacuated. We were well aware the worst can happen fast, but at the same time – it`s like we spent these 2 days on another planet, surrounded by wagging tails in beautiful shelter. We thank everyone for donating in last days and enabling us to help where needed. Many dogs were fed on the way to Orasje and back

dogonbagsTomorrow Andjeo Sarajevo and Journalists for Animals will drive to dog shelters in Foča, and Gorazde and other critically affected areas in BiH. It is a 2-3 hour drive to Foča and no one knows how the roads are. They will stop along the way to feed strays and any abandoned animals they find. 

14509_1497935780421519_1956617148607023432_nWe are very grateful for the generous donations – so much has been done with your help. But the catastrophe is not over, help is still desperately needed. Donations for petrol, veterinary care, food, everything. We are distributing the funds amongst several groups and independent rescuers. No amount is too small, with 10 euros it is possible can buy 10 kilos of dry food for dogs.

ALSO: supporters in Germany have donated 1.6 tons of food supplies – Royal Canine food (one year to expiry date), which they plan to deliver as soon as possible to Bosnia –  they have the truck for the transport, the only thing missing now is the petrol money (and the driver). All in all, they are trying to raise EUR 800 for the transport, so we hope to help with this if not pay for all of the funds needed. This amount of food would cost far more in Bosnia and it is high quality food, much needed. Food will be divided amongst the most needy shelters and areas and rescuers, throughout Bosnia.


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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

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