Fuck this country!

From Jelena Paunovic, activist, journalist in Sarajevo, please read, this sums up the situation not just for the strays and animals but for the people of Bosnia Herzegovina…. be warned, it’s not pretty.

journalists for animals

When it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina, it seems more realistic to explain why no problem can be solved, rather then offer alternatives for problem solving. Everything seems to be to complicated! We have so many levels of government, opposing laws and jurisdictions, that the word circus fits best when trying to explain this country.

Another one of these “unsolvable” problems is stray animal situation. Although different association and activists have been appealing to those in power for years to change the Animal protection and welfare laws, they simply keep playing dumb. Other then Gradiska, where „SOS šapice“ association works in collaboration with the German „SOS- Vergessene Pfoten Tierschuntz e.V.“ association and „Posljednja oaza“ association from Orasje, who have been successful in the implementation of this Law for many years, rest of the country is in a state of chaos.

Even when one municipality applies the Law, there are still…

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