Flood Rescues from Bosnia – an update on three beautiful cats

croppedSo many people donated generously to assist in the animal rescue efforts during the terrible flooding in BiH in May. Here is an update on three cats that were rescued, and then kept safe by Angel’s Rest of Tuzla thanks to your donations.

10310114_679331748768764_2399252418801957405_nAll three were rescued from Bosanski Šamac which was almost completely destroyed by the floods. As one of the rescuers said when they went in there: “It’s really hard to find words to describe all the horror we saw there, even photos are not the best indicators. That smell of death and despair I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Two of the cats were found wandering through muddy streets, disoriented, hungry, thirsty and scared, and third cat had been surviving for more than a week on the roof of a house. Rescuers had to reach her by boat –  paddling through what once were streets, playgrounds and gardens.

Although this cat was supposed to be wild, the moment she saw the rescuers approaching, she “..literally wanted to jump into our boat.”

10372792_679332048768734_6496390310925054643_nAll three cats appeared to be pregnant, but it was soon clear that one of them who they named Katarina, was very ill.

A veterinary examination indicated she had a severe inflammation of the urinary tract, and was not pregnant.  After days of aggressive therapy, Katarina showed no improvement.

10544404_698129890222283_4339731686591156722_nAn ultrasound was unclear, so the vet suggested surgery to confirm if there were adhesions in her inner organs. Also, there were some cancerous changes on her nose and ears, but it was decided it was best to leave these alone. The operation showed that her uterus had thickened and had serious calcification, so it was removed. But her health continued to be so fragile. In the end, with lots of consulting with several vets, the final diagnosis is cancer, which has spread everywhere.

Katarina is in Angel’s Rest in Tuzla, under the very best of care from her rescuers.  “I just want to give her peace in her last, hopefully, months on this world. She still wants to be here and I will respect her decision to leave, once she feels like she’s ready to go.

10444789_685680161467256_7562923207171600245_nThe silver tabby kitty rescued, named Sophie by her foster mum, also had a vet check  shortly after rescue. It was found she was also not pregnant, but heavily infested by worms, for which she was treated and she is now doing really well, also at Angel’s Rest.

Sophie is young lady (she’s under a year of age) and she’s ready for adoption.  Gentle, sweet and very playful.”

The third cat, Steffi, was confirmed very pregnant and gave to 4 beautiful kittens on the fifth of June.
10352579_683358608366078_8647748015950086372_nVery sadly, just a few nights ago one of Steffi’s babies fell out of the window and died, a terrible accident as there was netting on the window, but somehow one of the cats managed to rip an opening. Everyone is absolutely devastated.

R.I.P. little white butterfly.

The other kittens and Steffi are doing really well, the kittens are 7 weeks old and soon they will need homes.


A huge thank you to the rescuers, to the fosters who have taken such good care of these beautiful cats and of course to everyone who donated to the flood fundraiser. If it weren’t for you, these lovely cats would not have survived.

10402468_698129806888958_2967826431410199988_nAmra from Angel’s Rest says: “It became very hard to recall memories of the time when all of them were found, now when they all became “house” cats. It’s so good to see them have a normal life after that hell they lived before. When we rescued them, we thought they are all pregnant, but ended up that Katarina is just too sick and Sophie was full of worms. Only Steffi came to safety with offspring. Wish this horrible accident with her baby didn’t happen. But, in her memory I will do anything to find great homes for her siblings and mum.

If you think you can adopt one of these cats, please contact Dutch Lansky Schultz Meyer on Facebook or contact us here at info@awabosnia.org and we will forward on the email.

Angel’s Rest Facebook group is here. They and their associated group, Marianne’s Dog Food Bank, do extraordinary work for the strays of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Funds are needed for spay-neuter projects, to help individual rescues but also to continue advocacy work in Bosnia, uncovering the truth about what is happening there.
Donations are managed by AWABosnia, an independent group of animal advocates. On their website, Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia, you can set up a monthly donation via PayPal, or if you want to make a one-off donation, please go to your PayPal account (or set one up, it’s very easy) and send the money to: donations@awabosnia.org as a ‘gift’. Click on the image below to be taken to PayPal’s home page.


Or if you want to use the customised PayPal form, click the link below. However, a transaction fee and a percentage (2- 5.4%) will be deducted by PayPal for any contribution made.

If you want your contribution to go to a specific cause, please make a note in the PayPal comment box. If you wish to contribute via bank transfer or have other difficulties or questions, please go here.


This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Even just one dollar or one euro will help make a difference.

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