Dogs Trust Bosnia Respond to Allegations

dogs_trust-635x300Yesterday on the BiH news portal, Dogs Trust BiH published a response to the article authored by Dalida Kozlic, L.L.B, lawyer and activist (Dogs Trust BiH to be Prosecuted for Illegal Activities in Bosnia Herzegovina):

Dogs Trust: Reaction to September 23rd article by Dalida Kozlic

We consider the article written by Dalida Kozlic and published on September 23rd to be unworthy of a special response due to its unprofessional way of presenting serious and contradictory accusations, non-truths and detractions, while failing to produce any evidence.

Without an intention to further engage in discussion, we would like to state the following:
• The role of Foundation Dogs Trust BH (DTBH) has always been clear – to help authorities to comprehensively, not partially, implement the law on protection and welfare of animals and resolve the problem of stray dogs in a systematic and sustainable way.
• DTBH did not officially support any decision of Canton of Sarajevo Government and it does not have an established partnership with Public Enterprise “Rad,” and if a partnership is created, it will be exclusively tied to the implementation of the law; meaning the formation of a hygiene service, which is mandated by the existing law. Regardless of Rad’s activities prior to 2009 that were in accordance with the previous law, presently this services can be activated only as a hygiene service based on the current law. The Veterinary Inspection of Canton Sarajevo, which previously ordered transformation of “Rad” into a hygiene service, will oversee the process of reactivating “Rad” to ensure that the order is followed lawfully.
• As a charitable organization, DTBH does not dictate anything to anyone and it does not interfere with governance; the initiative originated within the government and they accepted our earlier offered assistance. DTBG will participate in this and all other initiatives within its capacity as long as these initiatives fit within the framework of the law.
• DTBH has financed only its own legal activities in partnership with relevant institutions. These same activities are implemented by other international and local organizations. Everything that DTBH does is in accordance with BiH law, and as a leading world organization of this kind, its activities are congruent with the highest standards for animal welfare.
• Mass sterilization is mandated by law and it is being implemented lawfully and in accordance with the highest standards for animal welfare. Other participants include only registered veterinary facilities and their licensed staff who work under the oversight of national and international inspectors.
• DTBH will respond to the government’s appeals for conversation on the implementation of the law and the resolution of the stray dog problem, and we cannot control who else the host invites to participate in the conversations.
• DTBH has not in any way been a part of the formation of the county hygiene services N. Grad – Lokom. The county previously participated in our mass sterilization actions during which dog catchers from all counties were trained. Those same dog trainers refused to return borrowed dog catching equipment, essentially stealing it.
• DTBH has the right like everyone else to conduct a survey of dogs and publish its findings. DTBH utilized the newest methods and engaged a local organization and Veterinary University students, who were trained by the Office of Veterinary BiH, to conduct counting of the dogs.
• DTBH is not leading any campaign against building of shelters, on the contrary, it is soliciting the authorities to build shelters in accordance with the law.

To see the original article above, please go to: Dogs Trust: REAKCIJA NA ČLANAK IZ 23.9. AUTORA DALIDE KOZLIĆ

Dog’s Trust UK has further made the following statement to us:

“Sadly it came to light recently that there have been a number of dog attacks in Sarajevo. Since this news broke, Dogs Trust has renewed conversations with Minister Petrovic to deal with the city’s dogs and will continue to liaise with him and his team to ensure the best outcome for the dogs and people of Sarajevo. The suggestions to return to a world in which dogs are simply caught and killed is not a viable option and one that Dogs Trust would not support. Instead we continue to call for the full implementation of the catch, neuter and release scheme already envisioned by the 2009 animal welfare law. The team in Sarajevo are working incredibly hard to make this happen.

We would never turn a blind eye to abuse or cruelty. The suggestion is frankly absurd – our sole reason for existing is to protect the welfare of dogs. If anyone has evidence of people catching and killing dogs illegally whoever they may be then we would welcome any evidence they have and put considerable pressure on the local authorities to investigate animal cruelty cases.

Things are incredibly hard, but there are good people out there who are working for a better future. This is an incredibly important moment for animal welfare in Bosnia and I would encourage people to come together rather than spend time on allegations based on rumour or hearsay without any evidence to support them.

If people would like to learn more about the work that we actually do in Bosnia then I would encourage them to visit our website:

Dalida Kozlic has stated to us that she has already forwarded evidence of malpractice but nothing has been done. She will continue her documentation and investigations on these matters.

Stop massive killing of dogs in Sarajevo
Petition to save Bosnia’s stray dogs! Please sign!
Also see the petitions on the Petitions page.

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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Even just one dollar or one euro will help make a difference.

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