Hunters Killing Dogs Again

15401413_10209780245296466_1718022661_nDalida Kozlic L.L.B, lawyer and activist writes:

Before the legislation of the Act for the Protection and Welfare of Animals in 2009, organised groups of hunters killed stray dogs in all cities in Bosnia Herzegovina, even during the middle of the day. It was illegal, but no one wanted to investigate or punish the hunters because they received money from Bosnian municipalities for these atrocities.

The law for the  Protection and Welfare of Animals of Bosnia and Herzegovina was legislated and entered into force by Parliamentary Assembly in 2009. This law is very specific about what methods can be used to catch stray dogs: by hygienic services and these services must use every available and legal method. If these services fail to catch stray dogs using these methods, and if, and only if, these dogs are killing wild animals, then hunters are allowed to kill the dogs, but only in areas 300 metres or more away from houses.

Many hunting organisations ignore the law and still kill stray dogs in villages as well as rural areas in Bosnia even when those dogs are not causing harm to wild animals.

On the 19th November, a group of dogs who had lived in a landfill site in Breza, near Sarajevo, were killed by a group of local hunters.

Citizens of the village Kamenice, found a dead body of a dog that had been fed by local people. There were wounds from a gunshot all over the corpse.

This is not the first time this has happened in this particular landfill site. There are pictures and videos that prove that local hunters kill stray dogs in this village and criminal reports have been filled with Police station in Breza as well as with the Prosecutor’s office of Zenica – Doboj Canton.

The main inspector for hunting organisations has been officially informed about this crime and we are waiting the results of his investigation.

The hunting organisation that is established in Breza is a notorious hunting organisation. Many of its members have been reported and investigated due to killing of stray dogs, torturing of animals, as well as illegal hunting.

Despite the fact that Bosnia Herzegovina has one of the best animal welfare laws in Europe, torture and killing animals is a common occurrence. In adults the offence is punishable by fine or imprisonment, however the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of such crimes very rarely occur. Implementation of the law is obstructed in part because of money laundering activities. However, animal welfare activists will not cease trying to bring perpetrators to justice.

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