Dalida Kozlic

Dalida Kozlic L.L.B, lawyer and activist, Breza.
You can read some of her articles here:
Protection of Animals
She also has a Facebook Group.


“I am a lawyer and I live in Breza. Breza is near Sarajevo. I live in the centre of town so it is very difficult for me to foster dogs, but I have a great support of my family and I am very successful in fostering dogs.

I have been involved in protection of animals for more than 15 years and I am one of the rescuers and activists with most experience in Bosnia. I am one of the lobbyists who were involved in legislating of Animal Protection and Welfare Act in Bosnia, in 2009. I am an expert in animal protection legislation. I have fostered purebred and stray dogs before, but now I only foster stray dogs. I have 18 dogs and a cat. All of them have been saved from the street. Most of them had been injured when I got them to my home

I have a lot of enemies because of my work. When I was 14 years old, a huntsman tried to kill me. He said that he hadn’t seen me, but of course it wasn’t true. Also, he killed a stray dog in front of me.

7 months ago I found out that people who worked in local municipality, had caught some of local stray dogs, and got them to minefield and hunting area in Ilijas. I filled criminal charges against them and since then I have had a lot of problems.

Some people filled charges against me to a veterinary inspection 4 months ago. Veterinary inspectors of course did not find anything wrong. All my dogs are registered. Also, all conditions that are provided by Animal Protection and Welfare Act are fulfilled.

A neighbour attacked my father and me in August. He said that the reason for attack was that he was disturbed by my dogs. That was a lie! A few days earlier my father and I heard that municipal official who participated in the transfer of stray dogs from Breza to a minefield and hunting area in Ilijas, persuaded the neighbour to attack us. Since then, the persecution of me and my family, has been organized by Mayor of Breza and new commander of the police station.

They even organized a petition against me and my dogs. Last week, I found out and proved that the signatures on the petition had been forged. Also, I found out that the signature on charges that had previously been filled to veterinary inspection was forged. Someone from Municipality of Breza forged a signature of a man who had not filled charges.

All this has been reported to police. A series of investigations about the persecution of my family are being provided by police station in Breza and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zenicko – Dobojski Canton. Commander of local police station is also being investigated, because he provides all necessary support to Mayor of Breza.

The problem is that my friends among whom are police officers from Breza every day come and say that there is a real possibility that my parents and I will be attacked again. Also, they say that there is a real possibility that someone will poison some of my dogs.

I have huge costs. We need 200 kg of food per month. My father lost his job. Only my mum works. Even though I am a lawyer and I was the best student in my class, I do not have a job. I need help with the cost of food for the dogs and the possible relocation of some of them to a pension. Sometimes I give instructions in English language and in informatics and I use the money I earn to buy food. “

If you can help Dalida with her rescues, please make a donation via Paypal to to: eldar.kozlic1@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Dalida Kozlic

  1. Hi Dalida,
    My name is Edita Gotovac. I live and work in Toronto, Canada. The story about Vucko was so disturbing and I could not resist contacting somebody about it. Is this the truth? Was vucko killed by the kids or somebody else? Animal activists must report person who did this. If people who are doing this do not get punished, this will never stop.

    • Edi, if you want to contact Dalida directly it’s best to do it via her own page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MedoDalida – This website is run by myself, Sandra Jensen. I do not believe she was involved in the rescue of Vucko, but I know personally those who were, and yes the story is true. It’s the reason I got into helping strays in Bosnia. If you peruse through the ‘Related links’ on the post about Gabriel (https://inmemoryofvucko.org/2014/11/24/puppy-dies-after-horrific-attack-in-bosnia-herzegovina/) you will see how frequent such attacks are -in fact this is only the ones I know about, so there are certainly hundreds more. There are very good animal welfare laws in Bosnia, but they are not applied. Corruption is at all levels, poverty, unemployment are horrifying. The police do not ever think animal cruelty is of importance. The general populaces view on dogs is that they are vermin. Dalida has brought charges against a number of animal abusers but nothing is done.

  2. Dear Dalida,
    Your story is horrifying! I pray for you and your father. Your efforts to save these animals under such stressful circumstances is truly inspirational.
    Please keep me updated. Perhaps I can organize a fundraiser here in Boston, Ma USA
    God Bless you

    • Thank you so much Andrew. Are you on Facebook? If so please let us know, we can connect you to Dalida there. She is struggling hard right now and could do with all the help possible.

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