Hell Hole for Dogs in Bihać – PART TWO


Please read my August 12th post about Gorjevac ‘shelter’ in Bihać, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1474611_770877299605727_1475971568_nTo reiterate: This shelter was built in June 2012, and conditions were reported as inhumane as soon as December, 2012.  It is said that this Gorjevac “death camp” is built on top of a mass grave where “euthanized” animals were buried.

There is no adequate food or medical care for the existing dogs. In winter, conditions are worse than dire. These recent photographs speak for themselves. Nothing but white bread for food. Corpses of dogs and puppies left amongst living dogs. Dogs devouring dogs they are so hungry. 

1476134_770878582938932_1458826698_nAs with so many of the so-called shelters in Bosnia-Herzegovina, this situation is complex and it seems once again the shelter is used to funnel money into human pockets and not spend it on those it is designated for: the dogs.

It is our understanding that the director of the city’s veterinary station Dr. Zekerijah Ika Alagić is to blame what is happening in Gorjevac ‘shelter’, Bihać: as elsewhere, money intended for dogs is not used for them. Instead workers feed the dogs with dry bread. Dr. Zekerijah Ika Alagić has been director of the veterinary station for 22 years, and is called by local activists the “Eternal Director”.

newspaperarticlebihacIt seems Dr. Ika Alagić  is protected by the Municipal Mayor of the city, Emdzad Galijasevic. In an article published in local newspapers  Dr. Ika Alagić denies everything and says that the images you see on this page and in the slideshow below are fake.

The Bihać animal welfare Association “SALVATION” (SPAS) with volunteers and President Rosic Senad has for many years been leading a battle to change the situation for the dogs, but the political parties are very powerful.

If you are wondering why we are campaigning so hard to ensure amendments to the BiH Animal Welfare Act are voted against tomorrow in BiH Parliament, it is because the amendments will allow for continued misuse of funds intended for the benefit of the strays, but more importantly, all efforts should instead be made to ensure that the existing Animal Welfare Act is implemented.

1475885_770877902939000_260306746_nThe laws for animal welfare in BIH are in fact very good, requiring proper care for strays in shelters, prosecution of those who abuse animals and so on, but these laws are simply ignored. Instead the BiH Parliament spends time and energy on discussing, preparing and voting for amendments that will chip away at the welfare laws and meanwhile they ignore the ongoing illegal activities against animals throughout the country.

Please sign the petitions, but more importantly continue to write to your MEP if you live in Europe and to your Embassy in BiH. Details on Action to Take. 

1459168_770877662939024_2018829636_nTo help the dogs of Bihać Shelter, donations can currently be made by bank transfer to SPAS, the Bihać animal welfare group:
Uni Credit Bank Bihać
BI10 20011855001
Local Reporting Code 502012
IBA 393385004861224662

Or via Paypal to AWAB, send it to donations@awabosnia.org as outlined below but please mark it ‘for BIHAC’

And please keep contacting IFAWFour PawsWVS and The Harmony Fund in case they can provide assistance.

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Animal welfare organization in Bihać: SPAS
Facebook Group
Facebook Page (English)
President of SPAS, Rosic Senad
Stop the inhumane treatment of the animals at the dog shelter in Bihać

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