Two dogs wounded in Sanski Most

Dog shot in Sanksi Most

Dalida Kozlic L.L.B writes:

Krajina is one of the most notorious parts of Bosnia where animals are victims of different types of torture and killings. Sanski Most is a small town in the Krajina – Una – Sana Canton, where authorities use illegal killing of stray dogs to launder money.

Municipality authorities have been financing an illegal killing pound that is owned by the municipality utility company. In this place stray dogs do not have water, food or adequate accommodation. They freeze in winter or they are exposed to extremely high temperatures in summer while municipality funds meant for food and veterinary services are never given to the dogs; instead of helping and feeding stray dogs, the authorities get rid of them and the money is divided between the municipality authorities and the utility company under Sana management. Hunters are one group of dog killers who are paid by the municipality authorities.

Before 2009, members of hunting organisations killed stray animals in urban and rural areas – even in the middle of day – and they had to cut the tail of every corpse to receive money for their abominable actions. Municipalities have paid out extraordinary sums for this monstrous “work“.

After 2009, the Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals came into force and hunters began killing stray animal secretly.

In most cases employees of utility companies owned by different municipalities catch stray animals and take them to hunting areas in the forests, where hunters wait for these animals to kill them. Since all hunting organisations are partly financed by municipalities, they just get more money for breaking the laws.

In rural areas killing of stray animals is not so secret and hidden, mostly because many people in villages support killing of stray animals and they themselves possess illegal hunting weapons.

Police, prosecutors and veterinary and hunting inspectors are obliged to investigate and stop these crimes, but corruption and political involvement stop implementation of the laws.

The latest cases have shown that stray dogs are killed in Krajina almost every day.

Volunteers of Støtt gatehunder i Bosnia found a wounded dog in Sanski Most on the 19th November, and a few days later on the 10th December they found another wounded dog.

Both dogs were found on the dump site and both dogs had multiple gunshot wounds in their legs and hind part of their bodies.

Veterinarians pulled several pellets from gunshot wounds which made clear that these dogs had been victims of hunters or someone who illegally possessed hunting guns.

If the dogs had not been found by volunteers of the organisation, they would eventually have died after days of agony. X-rays prove the dogs have been victims of this brutality.

Both crimes have been reported to the Prosecutor’s office and both dogs have been rescued by the Støtt gatehunder i Bosnia organisation, a group which has been doing exceptional rescue and legal work in Una – Sana Canton and has helped more than 100 dogs in Sanski Most.

The organisation is taking care of the two dogs and it is covering veterinary costs.

The dogs will recover from their injuries, but their emotional trauma will remain because of this awful act of hate rage towards animals, a rage that continues in all areas of Bosnia towards the strays.

Written by Dalida Kozlic L.L.B

Dog shot in Sanksi Most

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