Massacre of Stray Dogs in Kalinovik, Bosnia

1393096_639840386038619_1541944362_nAs if there weren’t enough reasons for the world stand up in outrage about the imminent, proposed changes to the Animal Welfare Act in Bosnia:

Yesterday there was a terrible massacre of stray dogs in streets of Kalinovik in Republika Srpska at 9:30 a.m. It is alleged that local authority Mayor Mrs. Milena Komlenovic hired hunters to go around the town and kill dogs. Allegedly the hunters were paid 30-40 KM per dog – around 15-20 Euros. The person who reported it found 10 dead dogs and two wounded dogs hiding. But there is mixed information about what happened – one source says it was act of an individual on a killing spree and other say it was organised by the Mayor.


Article on
The slaughter of stray dogs on the streets of Kalinovik
English translation here.

1395433_639843722704952_1486846109_nAnimals were killed near the POLICE station in Kalinovik and carcasses of animals killed were not removed even a few hours after the commission of the offense..The use of firearms for the purpose of shooting stray dogs and strays is a criminal offense under the Criminal Code Causing general danger, any further indiscriminate capture and killing of animals is a violation of the provisions of the Law on the protection and welfare of animals..

1374259_639843986038259_1314581357_nThe following was sent by NOA, Association for the Protection of Animals Bosnia & Herzegovina, to officials and representatives of authorities including police ministry (some personal information deleted):

“Citizens of Kalinovic town phoned and sent emails to us (NOA) on 20 Oct. 2013, they reported that at 9:30 AM an unidentified person shot to death 10 stray dogs in the very town centre (Karađorđeva street) which is close to police station Kalinovik, knowing that the number of killed animals at least 10 shots should have been heard. Killed dogs were lying in the streets for at least four hours. It is not known to us who took the bodies away and where they were taken and the bodies could be evidence.

Among many phone calls we received from Kalinovik citizens who provided us with relevant information was call of Mr. Borko Cerovina [who lives in …} and who is willing to confirm and validate all information that he has.

During afternoon hours at time when police shifts are changed, I contacted the shift leaders (the first and the second shift) of polic564071_639840512705273_1640745443_ne station in Kalinovik and I insisted that my report about the incident gets registered following the standard police protocol and procedure. I gave my personal details to police officers including names of my mother and father.

Since one of the dogs survived and has been wounded we contacted veterinarian in Kalinovik, Mr. Damjanac and we asked him to provide veterinary care to the dog. Mr. 1384076_639842712705053_1974880654_nDamjanac informed us that a woman from Kalinovik has been taking care of the wounded dog and stays with her and that the dog was injured by buckshot which means that a hunting rifle was used in an attempt to kill it. I believe that Mr. Damjanac can give you official confirmation about the nature of the wounds. You can contact vet. Damjanac.

Based on information and photos that we have forwarded to you and that without any doubt confirm that illegal killing of stray dogs took place in a settlement, we make an appeal that you start an investigation and identify culprits of the criminal act.

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In four days Bosnia-Herzegovina Parliament will vote on changing the Animal Welfare Act. If these changes are implemented, it will not only be ineffective in dealing with the stray dog problem but will mean untold suffering for thousands of strays. Please read the posts listed below especially BOSNIA ABOUT TO IMPLEMENT KILL LAW! where you will find details of how to help stop changes to the law. We need your help URGENTLY. 

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