AWABosnia is a small but dedicated group of people from outside of Bosnia-Herzegovina who gathered to assist the strays. They live in the U.S.A., Australia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and elsewhere. They call themselves Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina and work mainly via Facebook.

AWABosnia is an informal group, not an organisation. But they do what they can to help Bosnian rescuers help the strays of the country and to spread the word about what is happening there. The group helps rescuers fundraise, again, mostly via Facebook, and the donations go towards a number of situations: advocacy, spay-neuter programs, food for stray dogs and cats, emergency veterinary treatment for abused or injured animals, advocacy work. There is also the daily care and upkeep of rescued dogs and cats rescuers keep safe off the streets and in ‘pension’ ( kennels ) or in foster homes. If people wish to adopt a Bosnian rescue, some members of AWABosnia can be called up on to assist with the process, helping to find transport and connecting potential adopters with the rescuers so they can find out what dogs are looking for homes.

AWABosnia also help with lobbying, investigations and documentation of the horror ‘shelters’ other animal atrocities in Bosnia Herzegovina.

They have a Facebook group and a Facebook page.

And a have a website:

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  1. Touching website – shaking up all human beings with ethical standards for our companion animals. How can I help? I live in Germany….

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