Communication with Vučko

Maxine Mckeown offers Animal communication readings from photographs, it does not matter whether the animal has passed to spirit or not. I asked her to give a reading for Vučko (Vučko’s Story). This is what she wrote:

When I tuned into Vučko, I must say I wasn’t expecting to see a photograph like that, it is horrible, and words cannot express how seeing that made me feel. You know how some people sacrifice themselves for humanity, that is how Vucko sees himself. It was a blessing for him to be euthanised. I am not sure anything could of been done, but to see how he feels after it happened it is a good job he was found. He is a very deep thinker and I am wondering if you would of started to help the animals if you hadn’t of seen this boy. I feel there was in between three and five teenagers, one was the ring leader who thought doing this would be good fun, but now feel not a day goes by where these lads don’t dream about what they have done. Sometimes things have a way of turning round. I do also feel that the main man that did this is a bully, and would not change his ways and will probably get his just deserts. 

Animals amaze me as they do not hold grudges by anyone and forgive anything. And when our loved ones leave us they change back into full health and fitness, all past hurts abuse cleared and healed.

Artist unknown, please contact me if you know who the artist is.

5 thoughts on “Communication with Vučko

  1. Sorry for the loss who ever done that I sure hope to hell they get theres,When I seen the pic tears just started in my eyes ,I dont kno how any body could of done that to a poor dog that dont harm nothing it pisses me off. Cindy L. Mora

  2. Beautiful words, would be great if it could be true poor Vucko, how i pray these so called human beings get what they deserve, evil twisted sick scum, god how i would love to do the same to them!!!

  3. Dear Yvonne, Cindy, I always believe that love is the way. So while I feel the same feeling as you, and many times I loose complete hope in humanity, I know that this is not helping me or anyone. And it is true that because of Vucko, whether or not he intended it, much help has been given to suffering animals in Bosnia. Directly because of this website. People have come here and read about him and about the other animals and have donated. Lives have been saved. Money has been raised for medical care, and to put dogs in safe pensions. And three homes have been found for rescues. None of this would have happened if I had not read about Vucko and seen those photographs. We have to focus on what is good, what is possible, rather than on our feelings towards those who made Vucko suffer so much. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be brought to justice, of course they should, but if we focus on our pain, nothing can be done, and the animals that are suffering right now, do not get our attention. There are some terrible cases found yesterday that need help: a puppy with a broken jaw and a wound on it’s head, a dog with a horrifically smashed leg, a dog with a bone sticking out that has been lost.. a dog that got bitten by other dogs (dogs that have owners) almost to death. I will post up soon about them. If we put our energy on those who tortured Vucko last year, then we have no space to focus on the animals needing help today. I truly believe this, and it is my experience.

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