Dog Beheaded in Bosnia

549354_4326621764291_140681260_nThis week in Hadžići near Sarajevo, a young stray dog was brutally murdered, his decapitated body left on the ground. It appears that the dog was beaten and tortured with acid and water. The head was left as a ‘trophy’.
News report here, translation:

422579_10200730332483475_1954580101_nAfter the photos appeared on the Internet of the head of the dog, animal rights activists went to the scene and found a horrible sight. Headless corpse of a dog was lying abandoned on the ground. Among the activists was Jelena Paunović, vice president of “Život“, who appealed for the discovery and punishment of the perpetrators of this heinous act. “This is another in a series of heinous crimes of abandoned animals. Animal rights activists are daily witnesses to violations of Bosnian animal welfare law. violence against animals is just one step away from violence against people. When someone who is considered ‘normal’ uses a sharp object to behead a three-month puppy and then leaves the body and the head as a trophy, it remains only to wonder what this man tomorrow might do to a child. We have reported the incident to the Hadžići police and hope that in this case, the offender will be punished,” said Paunović for the portal

554150_10200730329043389_796843319_nDogs are routinely brutalised in Bosnia-Herzegovina and found with horrific injuries  – see the recent post It just doesn’t stop…. Sarajevo, and of course the story of Vučko, whose torture by firecracker was never brought to justice.

What can be done? It seems that the police are not interested in investigating such crimes. The general view about dogs in this country is very poor and the fact that there is such a terrible problem with strays does not help. Ultimately there needs to be a concerted effort by the government to instigate humane dog control programs and public education about responsible dog ownership and the humane treatment of all animals.

In the meantime funds are needed to care for advocacy work and to care for injured animals. We are also sponsoring 23 rescued strays in ‘pension’ and funds are desperately needed to keep these beautiful dogs safe off the street – and safe from people who want to hurt them –  until we find caring forever homes.


Funds are needed not only to help individual rescues and to help us keep safe the 23 rescued dogs we are sponsoring but also to continue our advocacy work in Bosnia, uncovering the truth about what is happening there.

On our sister site, Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia, you can set up a monthly donation via PayPal, or if you want to make a one-off donation, please go to your PayPal account (or set one up, it’s very easy) and send the money to: as a ‘gift’. Click on the image below to be taken to PayPal’s home page.


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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. Even just one dollar or one euro will help.


60 thoughts on “Dog Beheaded in Bosnia

  1. This tragic situation is never ending. If the Police don’t care, then where can a person turn to? Dogs that are rescued are in cages, freezing to death and starving. So why bother. If I donate I want to know that something is being done to correct this situation; like in Ontario, CANADA. I always donate to these Causes because I know there is something done to help the animals. All Animals.

    • Lynn, the situation in Bosnia is indeed dire. However we and others are doing our best to ensure that any rescued dogs we are involved with are taken good care of – for example the 23 rescues that we are actively seeking long-term homes for – they are all in ‘pension’ – kennels – and although this isn’t like living in someone’s home, they are taken good care of, warm, dry and fed and given plenty of space to exercise. You can find out more about them here: — to keep them safe until we find homes, we do need funding and every little bit helps.

      • Sandra,
        Did this poor puppy have a name? If he didn’t can your organization give him one, he deserves to have a name, to be remembered by name. Thank you for all you have and are doing to ensure the protection and welfare of animals. How about Angel? that can be a boy or a girls name i would think in this situation it may appropriate and I feel he is in doggy heaven now.

  2. I truly wish you would stop putting these terrible pictures of abused animals on your cite,it’s bad enough to read about abuse,but for you to continue putting out these pictures is very disturbing.I am deleting your page from my ipad. Yours truly J.T.

    • I kind of have to agree, to a point, i realise they put these photos up to shock people, people need to be shocked, upset disgusted enough to stand up and say its wrong and needs to stop, but please, please, only the one photo of the beheaded dog, i sign all these petitions, but honestly cant click on some pages because i simply cant look at the images it affects me too badly. Please consider this, you guys are doing a great job, but tone it down a little 😦

      • To the person that wants the images “toned down”: Shock is the best therapy for getting donations. I send money Via Visa to every S.P.C.A. & other animal help groups in Canada!! And Yes it the the mere horror that brought me to the attention that they need help. “Tone it down” is an understatement, my dear, you haven’t seen anything yet!!!!! The slaghter of seals was my first actual (Video) viewing to PUSH me to donating. It was the only way to get me to be able to help. Shocking, yes, but effective. There is a LAW now that prohibits people from doing that now. Also, the slaughter of dolphins (Video) that horrified me and got me involved in IFAW. To protect endangered spicies; like Bears & Tigers & many fish in the sea. Therefore if you want to “Tone it Down” – I suggest you DON’T WATCH!!! If you can’t handle it then you aren’t deserving of being a part of this CLUB!!! Go cry to Mommy!!! You aren’t worthy of our presence, Or the animals we are helping!!
        From A Person who has seen it all: Lynn Shedler

    • J Terrio, what is wrong with you? It’s attitudes like yours that make fighting for animals that much harder. It bothers you so you turn your back on it, what you don’t see doesn’t bother you. That is exactly what these abusers want, apathetic, weak people like you. Buckle up, grow a spine, look at these pics and let it bother you enough to join us & put a stop to this abuse. Noone enjoys posting pics like this but when enough people get angry about it and act upon it, it will change..
      These pics bother me too and keep me up at night but I somehow get through it and help them. I will never turn my back on them & I will die trying to stop it..
      I believer you’re a good person and that’s why this bothers you but please try to get past the pics which are necessary & let your anger work in a positive way for them..

  3. To je užasno situacija. Žao mi je da se vidi da ne postoji dovoljno podržava da se bave okrutnosti nad životinjama. Ti ljudi trebaju biti procesuirani u punoj mjeri zakona.

  4. I can’t believe that a person can do it. KILLER, without feeling, poor person.I wish that justice happened with him.This ins’t human.

  5. Искрено се надам да је ово страшно питање животиња окрутности могу решавати брзо и са најтежим казнама у Босни. Хумане народи света треба да пошаље снажну поруку да врло мора зауставити ово понашање сада. Убијање и мучење животиња је јадан и неће бити прихваћене.

  6. dat deze dader snel gevat kan worden en als straf wens ik hem wet oog om oog en tand om tand mag gerust terug ingevoerd worden daar heb ik geen probleem mee.R.I.P.lieve schat.

  7. Very sad, I do not understand people who take pleasure in the pain and suffering of animals just because they are stronger than the poor little animals. It makes me sick and angry and I stand with everyone who says that this has to stop! Believe me if I had the ability, it would stop! I say that an eye for an eye should be what we do and then it will stop! What gives us the right to torture and maime a little animal and then get away with it? These individuals are not even human as far as I am concerned and need to be punished to the full extent of the law!

    • O Sue how very true is this. I am a nurse by profession but these pictures just make me want to vomit, however if it gets people angry and want to help well so be it. As Jelana says “Every euro donated makes such a difference.” I don’t have a lot of money and I have one of the beautiful dogs in care I am supporting. Next month I may not be able to afford his fee, but I know the money I will be able to donate will make a difference

  8. Such incidents are almost too much to absorb. I am speechless, more or less. Where does all this hatred and evil come from??!! unlike some people, I don`t think you should stop printing pictures like these. YES, they are awful and YES, it really, really hurts and YES, they make me deeply depressed and fills me with a sorrow I can`t express. But we must never forget, that for the dog that had to endure this, it hurt so much more than for us to watch this and read about it. In my opinion, we have no right to turn away from this evil. If we turn away, refuse to look at it, I fear that we tend to “forget”. Unfortunately, these horrofic things are going on, right now, and the animals so much need and deserve our attention.

    • I agree that we should keep printing such sad and miserable happenings so people will view and help with the action against crimes done to animals (Dogs). I was shocked to see what they had done (obviously it took more than one person!!!) I realize they are doing everything they can to stop this but you need help. Most of live so far away and if the culprits do this to dogs; what would they do to a woman from another country?
      Thank you for Listening: Lynn Shedler

    • I couldn’t agree more! If you stop printing these kind of pictures then all that your doing is protecting the guilty. Don’t get me wrong, I hate seeing these horrific images as much as anybody else, but while this sort of thing is occuring, people need to see it, then maybe something might be done to stop it. Deleting it may stop you from seeing the images but it doesn’t stop the nightmare happening, only awareness and action will achieve that.

    • Again Mette I agree with u. The only hope I have is one day there will never be pictures that have to be put up there like that, and that will only ever happen if all human kind get together and stop all of this dreadful sadness. I keep on looking at Vucko’s last photo that haunts my dreams terribly at night and that is as horrifically as he had been treated at the hands of humans he still had love for another human and the trust by resting his head on that vet’s shoulder. Now is that love or what. I work with both humans and animals and I know which I will always choose first. These people need to be punished in the same way they treat these poor defenceless animals. I am a big believer in an eye for an eye.

  9. how could anyone be so cruel to kill an innocent dog like that. they should take them out and cut off part of their body to see how much he suffered.

  10. io spero e prego che chi ha fatto questa atrocita’ muoia in maniera dolorosa,e senza possibilita’ di salvezza……con un bel cancro!

  11. I am speechless. There is more venom being spouted on these comments than there is outrage at wars. Really, get some perspective. How many of you eat meat? are you aware of the atrocities committed at ‘slaughter houses’? try looking at some photos of dead children in Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, etc. You might as well get angry at pictures of road kill. ‘Throwing acid’ on someone for beheading a dog?? Choose your battles and be outraged and fight for the things that MOST matter. Whoever is controlling this page should mediate, do you really mean to create hatred? I appreciate your fight to stop this, it’s awful, but can we all keep a little perspective. By the way, it’s not Bosnians that are cruel, it’s humans
    (p.s. I’m sending you some money)

    • acic was thrown on the dog, not on someone, you need to read it correctly. Also did you stop to think that some of the people that are spewing venom at these perpetrators may not eat meat and be vegan? I am vegan and want nothing to do with eating dead flesh.. don’t judge people on the comments they put here, maybe they are just as disgusted at what is going on in the Middle East. I think it’s you who needs the perspective..

    • Craig
      I can understand your feelings. First, I am a vegetarian since Aug of last year which was a short time after I knew what actually happened before animals were killed for meat, I was quite stupid to think that they lived mostly a full life before becoming meat. However, if someone said they would throw acid on the person that beheaded this dog, to be honest I can’t blame them for feeling this way. There is a big difference between feeling and doing though. I will tell you with 100% honesty if someone broke in my house tried to kill me or my family which includes my pets don’t you think I would do anything and everything to stop them even if that meant taking a life in self defense. I didn’t read all the comments but I know that acid was thrown on the dog that was beheaded. If I was there before this dog was killed once again i would do everything I could to stop them put my own life in danger and if needed I would take a life to save another even if that life was a dog. Animals aren’t lower life forms to me they are living breathing beings that can experience almost the full range of emotions that we do and can definetly experience pain. this dog was tortuered and acid was thrown on him and his head cut off!!! Where is your outrage? This webiste is in Memory of Vucko, it’s not meant to spread hatred and the only people that spread hate is the ones that commit these atrocities as these are not accidents and they are delibrate evil attacks to harm, maime, or kill animals. I have choosen my battle and what’s most important to me and that is the safety and welfare of all animals on this planet. If every person got involved in every cause this whole planet would shut down. So maybe you think pictures of dead children in Pakistan or other countries are more important, then you go and fight that battle but this website is about Vucko and what he suffered for five days that probably felt like an eternity before dying because two evil teenagers duct taped a firecracker in his mouth. So this is more important to me and all the other animals that have suffered in similar ways because of evil people. I love all children but i know that is not my purpose in life animals are and if I saw pictures of dead children at the hands of evil people I would have the same feeling I do now. However, My perpesctive have been on the animals, always has and always will because they don’t have a means of escape and they don’t have a voice so we have to be their voice

      • Well said….Animals DO suffer in silence, and yes we WILL be their voice. We will pick our battles and others must pick theirs and what may be of importance to them. What IS important is you follow your own heart and the direction it leads you, and don’t criticize because a persons calling is not yours….

  12. Sandra, thank you for posting this story, WITH photos. People cannot change what they do not know exists. In this case, extreme cruelty towards animals and the grim reality stray dogs face around the world. People SHOULD be outraged. Outrage fuels action. Outrage can also spark hatred. All we can do to change that is to lead by example. You’re doing a great job. Again, thank you.

      • Sandra,
        Thank you, I believe all these pictures should stay on also. I’m outraged with this, what happened to Vucko, Ado, and so any other innocent animals. I thank you so much for being an advocate for these precious animals. I know this is such a hard battle to fight to eliminate animals being killed, abused or neglected but please keep fighting. We all need to keep fighting. I get very saddened when looking at these pictures and reading the horrible existence that these animals had to endure but all of these animals deserve to be remembered and thought about and things need to change so less animals will be at risk. I will never forget these babies, I have a deep love for all animals and I can’t fight my tears when seeing their suffering. This is a battle that will be won, it just takes time. Thank you so much for being their voice

    • I agree with u Kim. We all need to be outraged and continue to be shocked and horrified and if that’s what it takes to make people act then so be it. Much more needs to be done, and I like u, thank Sandra and her wonderful team for supporting Jelena and her fellow activists, and even if one can’t physically go and help or even afford to donate, do like I am going to do share, share, share on facebook and put out posters everywhere or make them a bit smaller and use as a flyer on their car. In the 3 days I have had them plastered on my car I have had so many people askeing me what they are about and have told them to write down the details and go to the website, and giving them a brief run-down on what it’s all about.

  13. Very heartbreaking. My wish is to get every animal out of that country, I mean EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL and let them just deal with each other!

    • Rose: That would be impossible because they multiply so fast that no one in Bosnia can stop it. The people, in Bosnia are starving themselves; how can you get all the animals out. It does seem like a dream to come true; however, there are just too many animals to gather together. That is a true statement!!!!! But, it would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it? To stop the suffering! The poor dog that was beheaded was a signal to the whole world that something is terribly wrong going on there. The whole world’s attention is on Bosnia; like the world woke up to what was happening in Germany in World War II. Very hard to believe but true!!!!
      Anyway it is a great idea Rose and I believe you may just pull it off in this decade.
      All My Best To You: Lynn Shedler

      • Yes Rose and Lyn what a beautiful dream, and lets all get together and stop this horrific madness.

      • Count me in. We’d have to come up with a ship to get all the animals out. If Bosnia can’t play nice they don’t deserve them.
        From Your Friend: Lynn

    • Let’s get that ship and get these precious animals to safety………I’m in too……people that treat animals this poorly don’t belong in civilized society

  14. What kind of monster does this to a poor defenseless animal. They are sick evil bastards. Animals have the right as we humans have to live free and protected. It is not their fault to live as strays and not having a home.. i wish with all my heart that the scum(s) who did this pays for the suffering they caused this little angel. RIP beautiful fur baby.

    • Obviously if this message is reaching Mexico or Brazil then it is reaching all around the world. I am from Ontario, Canada where killing wolfs is allowed. Cruel and inhumane things are done to them because they run in Packs and attack innocent Deer and etc. There is also a bear problem in Provincial Parks. We have Game Wardens to deal with that. Sometimes they are shot with a drug dart that puts them to sleep long enough to transport them to an area just for bears. They get into everything. Innocent Pets do not. IFAW is an organization that looks after Wild Life and The Ontario Special Protection Program looks after all smaller animals!!! People can adopt animals for their families and they are loved and cared for. THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!! No matter what Country it is. None of this slaughter BS….. They are never fined or do jail time in Bosnia or Serbia or where ever!! They do here!!! And I love Canada for that. All the animals at the S.P.C.A. are neutered or spayed; given all there shots and de – wormed. You pay $150.00 but at the Vet. it cost $450.00 and more!!! You can go and choose your Pet. If the pet likes you then you can apopt him/her… Sounds good to me. I got a Kitten from there and I take her to the Vet. for her shots and she sticks to me like glue on paper… She is 6 years old now and still as playful as the day I got her. That is Love not brutality. The people doing this are SICK!!! The brutality comes deep within them selves. It has to stop, NOW!!! Give them cheap laptops and let them play games instead of killing animals. Jail them – if caught. Have a toll free number to call if a witness sees whoever is doing this. DO YOUR PART. Keep animals safe and brutilize the the bullies.
      Thank you: Lynn Shedler

      • @Lynn Shedler, I am also in Ontario, and I won’t get into what I think of the disgusting and unnecessary war on wolves and coyotes. When it comes to Eastern Europe and the Balkans however, most people do not realise that this type of thing is common. Street dogs are seen as vermin to be abused and killed. We have adopted dogs from Kosovo, and are shortly getting some rescue dogs from Romania. Some of these dogs have been horribly abused. There are many, many countries in the world that either have no animal protection laws, or do not enforce them. And Asia, well if you want to be truly horrified, look up what is done to dogs and cats there. The dog meat trade is intentionally vicious, as they believe the more an animal suffers, the better the meat. They are literally slow tortured in front of each other. I am not making this up, google it, and check out Soi Dog Foundaion to learn more. We have also adopted Thai dogs, and one of them is a DMT rescue. It’s all over the world, and Canada has problems too, there is terrible abuse of dogs on First Nations reserves, and not much anyone can do about it because they have the “right” to self government. Our laws provide for nothing more than a slap on the wrist to animal abusers, and it’s time that changed. Do some browsing if you want to really know what animals suffer around the world at the hands of humans. Did you know that bestiality is legal in some countries, including Germany and Finland. And that hunting dogs are killed slowy at the end of hunting season in Spain, they are hung with their feet touching the ground, called “piano playing” because they dance for hours, sometimes days trying not to strangle, or are thrown down abandoned wells.AAnimal cruelty is rampant everywhere. We all need to fight to change things.

      • How dare you Rebecca!!! You are promoting this kind of action and I am NOT!!! I was merely speaking of places, Bosnia for example because there is no Law and Order there about anything. I’d be surprissed if they even had a court!! Canada has Laws and regulations and when “Puppy Mills” are closed down the owners go to jail. And they are fined when they get out. I have seen what is happening to animals and the horrible stories I have read. Places like Bosnia, for example, put fire crackers in the mouths of dogs and light them. Ka – Boom goes the dogs face and it is still alive!!! They do this to the behinds of innocent dogs as well…
        Yes, I am very well informed with what these people do to animals and it Breaks my Heart!!!! If someone threw acid at you in the face they would be long gone before you could even see them and the screams would be terrible. You are the victim and the Criminal(s) get away. You are disfigured for life and no amount of surgery is going undo the damage. Look at yourself first before you start accusing someone of “Not knowing” what is happining in “Your back yard”!!!! I know perfectly aware what is happening and you should wake up and smell the coffee before mouthing off to people like me. I donate to these organizations, like IFAW and the S.P.C.A. and so on every year and they send me updates where my money was used. Please get off my back!! Thank you.
        Lynn Shedler.

      • “Bosnia for example because there is no Law and Order there about anything. I’d be surprissed if they even had a court!! Canada has Laws and regulations and when “Puppy Mills” are closed down the owners go to jail.”

        OMG!!! Are you SERIOUS?!!! Of course they have laws and courts, and you really need to know what you are talking about before you spout such idiocy! I know a lawyer who work in Kosovo, and you don’t have a CLUE what you are talking about. I was pointing out that abuse of strays is a widespread problem, throughout much of the world. And you are suggesting that they have a toll free number to report abuse? lolol, This kind of abuse is COMMON, and the authorities in many of these countries who are tasked with dealing with strays, are also guilty of abuse. I am not on “your back”, I am expressing that many people who hear of an incident like this, simply do not realise what the wider problem is. For you to sit there and make it sound like Canada is exempt from animal abuse is ludicrous! We have a better system for dealing with strays, yes, and animal welfare is of greater importance here in some cases, but are you aware that: there are places in Canada that still have shelters that gas animals to death? Boxes filled multiple dogs and cats, screaming, clawing, barking and howling, and sometimes up to 40 minutes to die? Canada “has laws”. Yes but these animals still suffer a horrible death, how is that? Dogs on first nations run in feral packs as they do in places in Europe. They have rocks thrown at them, are burned, shot, caught and tortured, and the SPCA does nothing because of the “delicate situation”, i.e. must not offend the native community. Canada “has laws” so how is that? The news is regularly full of stories of abused animals, and if the abuser is caught, they rarely suffer more than a fine, a couple of months in jail, or community service, but Canada “has laws” so how is that? Are you familiar with the Luka Magnotta case? That person was torturing kittens to death for videos which he then posted online. The SPCA and the HS and the authorities in Montreal were WELL aware, and did NOTHING. Many of us in the animal welfare communities were SCREAMING that something had to be done about this person, there were facebook pages a couple of years ago calling for something to be done, and with all our laws in Canada, they didn’t bring him in, and they did exactly…NOTHING. So what happened? He abused, tortured, killed and dismembered a human, posted the video online, and mailed his body parts across the country. Then suddenly the authorities were willing to catch him. Our laws did nothing when he was only torturing and killing animals.
        My response was not meant to be an attack on you, although you obviously took it that way, it was meant to let you know that the massive problem of strays in Europe and the Balkans, and the treatment of them, is something which will take more than changing a law, or having a “toll free number”. It will take a massive education effort to change the attitudes of the whole region, since people who treat these dogs with respect are currently few and far between. Most people there will not call a “toll free number” to rescue a dog, nor would authorities respond, because at this time, abuse of strays is normal, everyday life.
        I also felt it important to point out that while we do have (weak) laws, and (normally weak) consequences for abuse here, it does still go on. In addition, there is still an annual seal hunt which repulses people around the world, we still allow snares, leg hold and body gripping traps for fur bearing animals. They are anything but humane, but they are LEGAL. We still euthanize far too many animals in shelters, and most people still value a purebred animal over a non purebred. To me and many others a life is a life, and the love and loyalty of a dog do not recognize breed, but this is an attitude that still needs to change in general across this country. Rodeos are still legal in Canada, in fact the Calgary Stampede is world renowned. Many people enjoy them, but many others including myself, feel they amount to torture in the name of profit. Vivisection is still legal in Canada, Premarin farms still exist LEGALLY. Keeping a mare standing in a stall in a rubber harness to collect her urine for the drug industry, for SEVEN months of the year, and continually pregnant, because it is pregnant mare urine that is required, and then shipping the majority of the resulting foals for meat at a few months old, is LEGAL. But is it right? Canada has laws, so how can this be? It’s because an animal is still considered property under our laws, not a living, breathing, feeling being that can suffer.
        My points are, first, educate yourself before you make comments about another country out of ignorance, omg I am still laughing about your no laws and no courts in Bosnia comment, and second, for anyone in Canada to suggest another country look up to this country with respect to animal welfare, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black, we have a long way to go ourselves, and while in some areas we may be further ahead, we still have so far to go.

      • This is grossly Misunder stated and I refuse to answer such CRAP!!
        Check your facts again. Then contact someone that will listen to you…

  15. Ummm, would also like to know how I am “promoting this kind of action”??? I spend a good portion of every day of my life cross posting death row shelter animals in Canada and the US, trying to help save their lives, and doing what I can to support individuals and organizations all over the world who try to STOP this kind of abuse and educate people. Because I responded to your comment, I am “promoting” abuse? I think you need to re read what I wrote.

    • Rebecca: Yes I do need to apoligize for blowing off “steam” – I appreciate what you are doing with ‘Animal Welfare’!!! I did indeed read it the wrong way. Perhaps, it was they way you started it off with the Canada part and that started a reaction; I am glad we on the same page with this issue. And being Friends helps beter that being enemies!!!!
      Thank you for responding and putting me in my proper place.
      From: Lynn Shedler

      P.S. I am into the same groups and donate a lot of money for Animal welfare here and all over the world. Thank You!

      • No problem at all Lynn, I’m glad we have the same passion about the animals. I get very upset with a lot of what goes on, and I am sometimes guilty of misinterpreting comments and responding before I’ve really digested what was said. I do apologize afterwards, so I really appreciate your response.
        Thank you for all you do, it really is going to take a global effort to end all this cruelty, and I’m glad we’re on the same team! ❤

      • Dear Rebecca: Finally I have someone with the intelligents to talk to concering this issue!! And it a bad issue all over the world. I’ll bet we haven’t heard the half of it all; but slowly it is coming out from Country to Country… I think I told you about donating my time and money and for other countries and the organization IFAW keeps asking me (to donate) for money. I have already given my share of money for 2013. But I am polite to them and sign all their petitions; yet it is not enough!! That leads me to believe that it is worse than we thought. I do my best for them though!! That is all I can do. You as well. Please let’s stay friends and work together as a team!!!
        Thank you. Talk to you soon, I hope.

  16. Here is why I do not agree about Canada having good laws to protect animals! Vancouver man got 60 days for beating his German Shepherd with a baseball bat and leaving him in a dumpster to die! This sentence is a joke!

    • Rebecca: Calm down!!! Let’s talk this out. Yes, It is Not a perfect system in some Provinces but Ontario is strict. Send a letter and the article to your MP. And keep sending the letter over and over, until someone gets sick of reading your emails. You’ll be contacted – They half to respond. Then type an email to the local papers and see their reaction. Works everytime. Trust me I have done it many times. I did that in the Big City of Toronto and where I live now. I know you are upset and want action. Well, you are the only one to start it. Start a petition and it goes a long way on Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites. I you need help just let me know and I’ll be here for you. You know how to reach me. All the best to you, my Friend.
      From: Lynn Shedler

      • I’m perfectly calm thanks, but I am being more than realistic to know that phone calls and letters have no effect in a case like that.

      • If that is the case – what do you plan to do? Keep quiet about this? That will not work either. Do you plan a protest? Please give us readers some information on what to do and I will stop sending Emails to the government. It seems to me only fair that we start an ‘Action Plan’. Also it only seems like you and I in this ‘Club’ because I have yet to see anyone else’s opinion on this issue. Isn’t that true?

      • I have lost some of my non animal loving friends on facebook because of all the animal awareness information that I share daily, cruelty issues here and in other countries. I have rescue dogs adopted both here and from abroad, and I crosspost death row dogs, cats and horses and tag people and rescues, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. Petitions may not carry a lot of clout but I feel that awareness is the key, both getting a country to realise that the world now sees what they do, and to change the attitudes of people within their own countries. The people in these countries that post what happens, share the stories and do what they can for strays, but the biggest change is going to come with people changing their own country’s attitudes to stray dogs and cats and compassion to animals in general. Social media has advanced things like nothing else could. One news story that people can forget a day later, doesn’t always have much effect, but in your face photos and links to news in other countries and from rescues in other countries, have a bigger impact. Sadly, many just turn away and don’t want to know.

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