Monstrous Killing and Injuring of Stray Dogs in Zenica, Bosnia!

Dalida Kozlic, lawyer and activist in BiH writes:

13062474_10208334428831139_5100393005068133087_nA new murder of a stray dog has happened in Bosnia and once again all people who love and fight for the rights of animals are facing an extremely brutal and worrying case.

This killing happened in city of Zenica, on the 27th April 2016. A local stray dog was shot from a building near the football stadium Bilino Polje, by an unknown shooter using a rifle. A number of people – including children – witnessed this crime. They called volunteers of the well organised and professional animal welfare organisation SAPA Zenica, but unfortunately the injured dog died 40 minutes later due to internal injuries, in particular injuries to the lungs.


Volunteers who found him told us:

His heart was slowly beating, there was no blood around the shot wound, but inside, the dog was choking as his lungs were filling with blood, and as he was looking at us while trying to take his last breath. He was not alone. Is it a comfort, I do not know, as there can be no comfort for an innocent God’s creature dying, being shot to death, killed by a monster.

We will not let go, there must be a sentencing according to the Criminal Code of the Federation and the killer must be sentenced.

Today a dog, tomorrow someone of us.

I am sorry little one, I am sorry, we call you Medo, run Medo run free of pain somewhere over the rainbow.

Volunteers and management of SAPA organisation have filed a criminal report against the killer, whose identity is unknown, and they have informed the Bosnian media about this case.

And….another brutal attack on a stray dog occurred in Zenica this week….
Dzeki is a famous stray dog in Zenica, much loved and known to SAPA as their beloved ‘mascot’ of Zenica. Dzeki was brutally attacked and injured with a knife by an unknown person. This attacker caused a deep injury requiring immediate medical attention. Volunteers of SAPA Zenica took her to Sarajevo where veterinarians were shocked by the extent of her injuries. Dzeki is recovering at the moment, but her condition isn’t stable yet. X-Rays showed that there is no internal bleeding, but she is very weak. Her initial surgery lasted two and a half hours.

Volunteers have also rescued Dzeki’s daughter to keep her company: “Dzeki’s daughter Malena is now with her because they are always together… Dzeki had 9 babies, 8 were killed! Only Malena survived! They are always together. 6 years…

13103502_10208392573964731_4782243935745381444_nIt is believed that a single offender committed these two criminal offences: torturing and killing animals which is a criminal offence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the criminal offence of provoking general danger to the public.

There are specific and particular dangerous aspects of these cases. Medo, the dog who died was shot in the middle of day from a building while the surrounding park was full of people and playing children. The part of Zenica where this poor dog was killed is almost in the centre of the city. In addition, the killer clearly intended to kill an innocent dog in the middle of day. The attack on Dzeki also occurred in the centre of Zenica. Using a knife without any fear in the centre of the third biggest Bosnian city proves that animal welfare activists in Zenica are dealing with a very dangerous psychopath.

13177881_10208392553524220_3696317325594732577_nSince dozens of helpless dogs are exposed to this psychopath who intentionally knows what he is doing and who is fully aware of his actions and the consequences, all activists and rescuers demand that the Prosecutor’s office and the Police of Zenica – Doboj Canton investigate this case and finds the identity of a killer and brings him to justice.

For updates and to show your support, please go to SAPA Zenica’s Facebook Page. This organisation does incredible work and they are in desperate need of funds to continue saving the dogs of Zenica.

Currently costs for helping Dzeki include transport are 30€, X-Ray 25 € , Blood tests 30€, a total of 85€.  If she does not need another surgery they have to pay daly therapy and pension at the vet of 10€ per day. We don’t have full costs of the surgery but will update here. If you want to help Dzeki, SAPA Paypal is and please mark that it is for Dzeki. 
13124743_10208387342673952_6996633911066968553_nSAPA Zenica was established in July 2009, as a local non-profit, non-governmental organization by a core group of volunteers and enthusiasts in the city of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. SAPA’s mission is, through the respect and caring for animals, to protect their rights and ultimately eliminate all forms of cruelty and exploitation of animals. SAPA’s vision is a society in which humans live in harmony with animals, respecting them and their needs.

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This site is dedicated to Vučko. Read his story and don’t let him have suffered and died in vain. Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals. Go here to find out how to help them.  Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

2 thoughts on “Monstrous Killing and Injuring of Stray Dogs in Zenica, Bosnia!

  1. Dear animals, I want to apologize for all the cruelty, pain and suffering humans have caused u in the past, in the present and in the future that they will cause. I would understand if u never forgive us. Because i will never forgive or forget what humans did to dogs and so many other animals.

    Im know now that the human animal is the most cruel of all with a few exceptions like the people who actually do care and who got born with a heart and soul and are doing theier best to help.
    I thank the ones that help and care for animals and wish them a life full of joy, love and as little struggling as possible.

    And to all the humans who torture animals. I wish u to have a life full of suffering, to die the most painful death and to rott in hell for all times. I wish u to never be granted forgiveness.
    I wish u from the moment of ur death that u will be tortured the most horrible ways in the afterlife for all times.


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